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Part 9: Episode 8 Meeting Freeza in person

Episode 8 Meeting Freeza in person

Last time, Freeza finally makes his move and leaves his ship.

Meanwhile at Guru's house:

Nail finally finishes Dende's passport so Dende can now go to Earth!

Dende is in such a hurry that he doesn't stop to greet Freeza and Freeza feels sad that he does not stop to play with him.

How do you do? My name is Freeza and I'm looking for the dragonballs for a friend.

Is your friend Vegeta?

Excellent! So you have met him. How is he?

We gave a dragonball to him and he is travelling with his friends from Earth.

His friends from Earth? So he has other friends to help him?

I think they are working together. You see, the dragonballs can grant 3 wishes so they can have all their wishes granted.

Do you know what his friends wish for?

They want to stop a tyrant on Earth.

A tyrant? This is a noble cause, please tell me more so I can help them!

The tyrant is a woman who is so strict that everyone fear her including her son. Her son wants to use the dragonball to trap her in a virtual reality so that she cannot stop them from having fun.

What? But that is just an overprotective mother! She is not evil! How can you do that to woman who loves her family? How have Vegeta fall so low to help them? This is not just! This is injustice! I'll stop them!

Nail, I think you said too much.

Namekians do not have mother so I don't understand what is really happening but I trust their judgement and I'll not let you hinder them!

It is impossible to win this fight, but Nail does have a reason to have such a high HP for 42000 BP. His task is to delay Freeza for as many turns as possible.

We use battle card with the highest defense and it still hurts alot. Any ki attack from Freeza automatically shows the big explosion regardless of the actual damage.

After each round, we switch over to Dende. Our aim is to move Dende to Goku at the far east of the map:

There is no card draw in this phase so we won't meet any enemy. We use the battle card with the highest attack to move Dende as far as possible. After this, we switch back to Nail and we repeat this cycle until Nail is defeated.

And that happens in the third turn.

Stop already! Can't you see the truth?

You are too late now.

So that kid! It is a shame that you have such a noble heart but it is misplaced.

Freeza starts chasing after Dende.

And oddly enough he gets card draw which can hinder us while we don't. Maybe it is too much trouble to remove battle from the player side card draw.

After a few turns, Dende reaches Goku.

And he promptly summon Porunga for them.

Hey, if I grant you 30 wishes, will you not bother me for the next 10 years?

But we only need 2...

Make it no less than 3!

Yes sir... Can you restore Vegeta's mojo?

Done. Give me two more!

Teleport me over. I want to witness this historical moment with my own eyes.

I want to come too but I can't leave my planet behind...

Gohan? Anyone?

Ok, let's make the final wish!

But Piccolo is not here yet...

What? Porunga is gone? Then Guru...

No way... Are we going to stay here until the dragonballs on Earth activate?

So here you are. I will not let you continue with your evil plan!

Once again, we face Freeza in battle and he still is impossible to defeat. Our objective is to hold fort until Piccolo join us.

We know Freeza has 530000 BP, so Goku and Vegeta deal some heavy damage to Freeza with weak battle cards.

And Freeza beats Chaozu senseless.

Just like the last fight against Freeza, we switch over to Piccolo after one turn.

We immediately move Piccolo to where Nail is.

Ok, I'm no good Samaritan so I better get moving.

If you take out the medicine from the inside pocket then you can take the 3 throusand dollars inside that pocket as well.

Let me take out the money first...

Got you!


I'm not that much stronger and I have another voice inside my head. What a rip-off.

Piccolo still has a long way to go.

Soon we have our first casualty.

Piccolo arrives but we are not done yet. We still need to hang on for a few more turns. With Goku in the fight and we know exactly where Piccolo is, Piccolo's entrance is much less dramatic

It is rare to see but attacks like Taiyoken has different level of effects. If the attack is too weak, like in this case, then the attack has no effect even when it hits the target. As the attack gets stronger, it may stop the target for more than one round. But in that case, the enemy most likely won't last more than 1 round for us to see.

Vegeta continues to show off his ki attacks.

Gohan also goes down.

And the game finally decides to end the fight for us.

We now have the full team and we can move freely while Freeza chases us around the map.

We meet the tier 3 goons as well as palette swap of Cui. This version of Cui has 8000 BP and 200 HP. We gain 600 BP for defeating one of them.

Our target is Goku's ship.

Once we reach it, we can send one character to play the mini game. It plays the same as before except that the computer loses all HP in one turn, so we can't play more until the next turn. And sooner or later Freeza will catch up with us and we have to move around the map too lure him away.

It takes awhile to max out every one but it is definitely faster than fighting goons.

Time to fight Freeza for real!

With max out characters, Freeza's first form is not scary and here we see him misses most of us.

We finally have a chance to see Piccolo's most powerful attack.

And Gohan taks down the first form.

A big but pointless reward.

We all know this isn't the end.

The game immediately throw us into the next battle with Freeza. We can escape from battle at any time but Freeza's HP will be back to max if we do.

If we use scouter on him:

And it blows up in our face! We can actually find out the BP of Freeza's second form using the emulator and it is 700000 BP. This looks pretty low, but the game balance it out by increasing the attack rating of all Freeza's attacks. The rate of increase differs between different attacks but we can think of that as attack of 1 million BP and defense of 700000 BP.

Piccolo continues to show off his attacks.

Freeza does not have anything new to show, so we keep the fight short.

We get another big BP reward.

Freeza transforms into his third form. This is where it gets difficult.

Our party members are still in top shape thanks to Dende but Freeza is now powerful enough that Dende can't keep up in a long run. He has 800000 BP with a large boost in attack rating and a small boost in defense rating. So he has around 2 million BP in attack, 1 million BP in defense and 1000 HP.

We want to keep the fight short and so it is time to use an item card:

We use a Puar card to make sure Freeza does not have a high defense battle card. In this case, we don't have a battle card with lower defense so we swap out Freeza's battle card with one which has the same defense and weaker attack.

It is time to use Super Spirit Bomb! It always shows the biggest explosion.

That puts him in critical after 1 round.

And Piccolo finishes the job with a mouth blast.

40000 BP? Guess how much BP will we get for beating the final form.

Freeza's last form is no joke. Are you ready?

Freeza has 999999 BP and 1600 HP. His effective BP is around 4 million for attack and 1.2 million for defense.

Not only that, he also removes Dende from the equation. Poor Dende...

As revenge for this, we will use as many item cards as possible!

Puar card? Checked.

Four Grandpa cards? Checked.

Porunga card as Chi-chi card, Kaio card and Grandpa card? Checked.

Now a weak attack will do 50 damage. And we already burn through over 400 HP in 4 attacks.

But even without those 4 attacks and a few of those Grandpa cards, Goku can easily one-hit KO Freeza's final form with Super Spirit Bomb.

Who guessed it?

So we add a hole to the planet.

And Kaio cares more about giving out passwords.


Then we see the full cast of this game, including the goons.

The end? Of course not!

If you think the fight is too short, here is a version where only healing item cards are used as well as the ending:

Thank you for reading. There will be two more updates and I hope you enjoy the trip so far.