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Original Thread: Failed ambitions are the only kind. - Let's Play Dragon Ball Z: Sagas [VLP]



Let's Play DBZ: Sagas

DBZ Sagas was a first for the license. It was the first game developed solely by an American studio, and the first beat 'em up. I mean, the back of the case says it's an adventure game, but let's be real here okay? It's much easier to appreciate as an experiment than as an actual game. That is to say it's got a lot of problems. Hard crashes, audio bugs, game-breaking collision detection, atrocious boss design, and really weird music.

But it's worth playing?

It's worth experiencing, either through an actual playthrough or a series of videos, like these! The game's flaws are obvious, but so are its ambitions. It was a new genre in a license completely absent of a pure-blooded action title, and it had some neat ideas about how exactly to accomplish that feat. Teleporting from enemy to enemy on command and blasting them in the face has its obvious appeals, after all. There are also many upgrades -which I have already purchased- that add a couple (note, a couple) of nuances to the combat, but nothing that pushes it above “kind of a trainwreck”.

I'm really confused how you feel about this game.

I think intrigued is the proper word. I can't appreciate it for what it is -and I doubt many people can- but I can appreciate what it tried to do.

How will this Let's Play go?

I've already pre-purchased all of the upgrades and painstakingly collected all of the collectibles. This ensures you'll see the game in its best light, with all the available moves and far less of the tedium. If we instead opted to play the game normally, we would end up with barely enough time to show everything off. You'll still be sick of everything by the end of the first saga, but at least this way it goes faster and is more fun to watch.


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