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Part 3

Update 3

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We've got a few new mechanics today as we continue our shenanigans in Caliburgh, including getting full control of leveling up and equipping all of our party members. The next battle introduces both monster medals and mission objectives based around guarding an object. Monster medals are a random drop that allows you to summon a copy of the monster in question that either provides a one time effect or hangs around in place and attacks anything that comes within range. They're handy for missions like what we're dealing with today, which revolve around defending a generator for a mysterious purpose that will be revealed in tomorrow's update. No new characters today, but tomorrow we've got just about everybody's favorite dropping in.

Nissin Cup Nudist posted:

Is every VA in this game from the British Isles?

Seems like it! It doesn't look like they're having any returning performers from Dragon Quest 8, but lately that seems to have been the direction that Square Enix is going. The one character with an American accent appears to have been the only exception, but lives in England.

Glazius posted:

Oh, interesting. So there are gun emplacements with fixed ammo that you can use to blow some fools away?

I would like to at least see minion health bars at some point to get a sense of how proportional damage is to them. It seems like an option that should exist?

There are actual minion health bars right under the pictures in the medal bar, but they don't really stand out too much. Minions tend to be fairly durable, but they are prone to getting overwhelmed and their AI is about as good as your companions. And that's not a compliment.

Scalding Coffee posted:

I guess the game continues if you fail to kill all the monsters with your static emplacement? Just go Kaioken and kill them all.

And disappoint Isla? Never!