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Part 8

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Today we're diving into a bit of the quest mechanics before moving on. While a lot of quests are things like "bring me three bear asses" or "murder sixteen bears" there are some quests where you have to go into a previously played map and wreak some havoc to meet the quest objective. I consider those to be a bit more entertaining than grinding for drops so I'm going to include them, unless people start getting tired of random levels that aren't actually moving things forward.

After that we're off to the forest city of Sylvea, which as anybody who's been within a quarter mile of a fantasy novel would expect is the home of the elves. They're not visible when we get there and don't seem to have a bad-ass mayor to hold down the fort so it's all up to us. On the upside, we do have some new enemies since it's a new area as well as the traditional palette swaps.

Scalding Coffee posted:

Looks like defense beats out offense in this game. Your human allies are extremely good at dodging attacks. How does difficulty work in this game?

It's pretty much a case of selecting your difficulty by how much you want to grind. There's not really a difficulty setting per se, although some of the maps and challenges have more difficult versions that you unlock by completing the initial version. When you go back to old maps to skirmish you can select a difficulty for the map which determines what level and what kind of enemies will be there.

Jeabus Mahogany posted:

I wanna say Terry has some of the best DPS in the game - at least, a walkthrough for something tough later on used him.

Didn't stop me from benching him.

Endorph posted:

Yeah uh Terry is way more than lightning flavored protags, he can clone himself and output insane damage, since his attacks are better than the Tsarevna's.

Plus I kind of liked him even without playing DQ6, but that's just because I thought the protags were pretty dopey.

I may have been too harsh on Terry since I warmed up to him a bit when I used him this weekend while grinding, but I still feel as though he doesn't add much and even by the standards of Dragon Quest storytelling his character doesn't go very far. He's just such a tool.

Thesaya posted:

I am as always late to the party but I feel I need to contribute to the discussion about Female armour in the first episode. The separated boob plate that she has would pretty much guide any projectiles and/or sword/axe hits towards the middle and the most vulnerable part of her. So yeah, bad idea, bad armour.

Sadly, artistic style and the need to ensure that everyone understand that this is a woman who has boobs tends to play second fiddle to actual practicality. I'm sure some people have addressed this, but I imagine that the most practical armor would probably look something like Saber's from Fate Stay Night - a solid plate with padding presumably contoured on the inside rather than the outside.

Glazius posted:

I like Antonio Banderas here. It feels like he's got a good sense for banter.

We shall have ample opportunities to sample his banter, and discuss his resemblance to Antonio Banderas. As you can see from my previous save file we've got a lot of game still ahead.