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Part 10

Update 10

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Today's adventures start with earning the Zoom spell, which is going to be utterly critical once we start having to deal with defending multiple locations. It does just what you would think, allowing us to teleport around the map to certain pre-determined points once we've unlocked them. Our next mission to Sylvea is that kind of event. We no sooner arrive then we've got two familiar faces as new companions, who've been sent to help:


Described by one person in the stream as more decolletage than woman, Jessica hails from Dragon Quest 8 and is the descendant of a line of sages. As you'd expect, her skill set runs heavily toward elemental magic and whip attacks, along with weaponized sex appeal. She can be tricky to use, but is actually a pretty good option who can hit all elemental weaknesses in one package.


A reformed bandit, Yangus comes from Dragon Quest 8 as well and his entire deal is hitting things with axes. Hard. He can also attract monster attention, and he's got a defensive stance that can be used to tank attacks. He's a disreputable but honest sort, and he often makes use of Cockney rhyming slang.

We'll be streaming tonight at the usual time and place.

Scalding Coffee posted:

The second game was so badly balanced the remake added a couple more mage weapons, since they rarely killed monsters. Levels could be 1 HP and nothing else for any character and casters had half the stats of the shitkicker hero. Also lets you hold one revive the entire game and have the next to last area be a super long death march with group-killing casters and meatwall giants. That was made to be unbalanced compared to what they originally had with 7th Saga.

Having an inventory limit like that looks to be a terrible idea and they still let you exceed the limit.

When it comes to Dragon Quest 2, I am in full agreement.

The inventory limit is kind of weird and it's usually not a problem, because one of the first quests they give you is a way to increase that limit. If I'd had one more grubby bandage it wouldn't have been a problem at all.

Glazius posted:

Heh. The trial music is your solo protagonist music from DQ4. Wreck 'em one, children of heaven.

...also Alena wondering if they're related to the DQ4 elves is kind of sad, considering the fate of the one prominent elf in that game.

That's true, although depending on where in the timeline she was plucked from she might not even know that yet.