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Part 15

Update 15

Update 15 Video

We're closing out the videos from last week's stream by getting Bianca and Nera up to speed, and then taking them out on a quest so as to show off a bit of their skill set. It gets a bit hairy in there so that doesn't go off exactly as planned, but in the end we succeed.

There won't be a stream this week because of vacation, so we'll see you all back here Wednesday after next.

Kinfolk910 posted:

Quick question that's been bothering me. Is Aurora saying Pleasant slash or Crescent slash or Peasant slash? I really can't tell at times.

And now I'm thinking of "pheasant slash" and imagining her swinging a bird. Pleasant slash is kind of S&M-ish, and Peasant slash is just being cruel.

Scalding Coffee posted:

Blizzard Slash.

We are going to slay the Ender Dragon.

But not be racist about it. Very important.