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Part 20

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The Pinnacle of Light is gone, but we have a destination... that we'll be heading to on tonight's stream, since it was late last time and we didn't want to get into new plot stuff. So instead it's time for some equipment upgrades and then we're heading off to take care of one of the quests that actually requires us to just clear a map rather than collect a bunch of monster bits or kill a certain number of them.

Scalding Coffee posted:

That was an interesting boss. The Secret of Evolution is basically the more body parts you have, the more evolved you are. One boss transformed more often than Freezer. It was insane.
Reminds me of a game called Elona, where a mutant can randomly grow about 15 body parts as its gimmick and that can be all legs and arms if you scum it.

I think they really dialed the craziness with the Secret of Evolution up to eleven in the remake. Those were some crazy boss fights.

I'm also reminded of Orson Scott Card's book Treason, which featured a planet of mutants and one family's mutation occasionally resulted in out of control limb generation that they sold for parts.