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Part 24

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Now that we've got Luceus back it's time to get on saving the World Tree, and Isla's got a plan. We're going to have to go back to her jungle village to get started, though, and they're not exactly friendly with outsiders. Or possibly people who decide to leave. Because of course the pale-skinned redhead with a Scottish-ish accent used to live in a jungle, why would anybody think that's strange?

Edvarius posted:

OK... Vaseline had a workable plan on getting into the Shrine of Scales, but what was he gonna do there? Try and disrupt their ability to hold the Trial? Well he was a bit late to the party for that one. And if that's what he was after Luceus would have been far more valuable as a hostage than a weapon, so why didn't he pull back? And heck, if he really wanted to put a stop to the trail he could have just had Moosifer step on the place.

He's suffering from the well-documented villain-only mental illness that compels them to fulfill their goals in the most complicated way possible. Although it could be that he wanted someone with the full power of the Light so he could exploit it and was planning to use Luceus as a puppet to fight the Guardian.

Nissin Cup Nudist posted:

I want to say Mrs. ddegenha is a saint for being Super-Aunt for all those kids and dealing with all their various bodily fluids

For real. Kids are basically tubes that spray out of both ends and it's all awful.