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Part 26

Update 26

Update 26 Video

We've finally reached the village, and it kind of looks like Tristram from Diablo III. There's a couple residents who remember Isla, and they're in desperate need of our help before the monsters kill them all. Isla finally does some explaining, and then we've got two bosses to fight while they try to destroy the tree we're here for.

Scalding Coffee posted:

The level bar you had seems to have glitched and gave you half the XP for killing a Liquid Metal, that later gave you the rest after you killed some monsters. I did notice that your minions emote a cheer when they kill something, but generally the giants made the kills.

I didn't notice that glitch, but that's kind of interesting. And yes, the emote from the monsters is great. They're just so happy when they're wreaking havoc.

Glazius posted:

The "big brother" nature of Yangus is irrepressible.

We might not be his guv, but to him that doesn't matter.