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Part 27

Update 27

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The only thing left between us and the dew is Isla's grandmother, so it looks like we're going to have to beat up a senior citizen... or maybe not. We've got a bunch of new equipment and are thus flat broke, but we're going to need it all because now we have to climb back to the top of Yggdrasil to set things right. The monsters have actually gotten worse there, but that's something we know how to deal with.

Edvarius posted:

So, if the Mediators are supposed to be maintaining "the balance", wouldn't their being the caretakers of Yggdrasil be a bit of a contradiction as that keeps the darkness suppressed? And for that matter just what have they been doing with themselves if any possibility of balance was completely wrecked with the start of the war between the Goddess and the Dark Dragon all those years ago?

I mean, usually they aren't this blatant about "balance" being a meaningless concept in these situations.

Evidently they've just been hanging out in this village not going anywhere and mumbling about balance this and balance that. You'd think that the previous situation represented balance more than anything, since there was an equilibrium between the tree and the dragon that allowed everyone to thrive rather than a constant war for dominance. It'd be great if Evil Zorro just gave in and said "Look, I'm an asshole okay? I just want to see everyone else suffer."

Glazius posted:

Good thing the killing machines haven't fixed their weakness to Zap or we'd have been proper fileted.

The weakness to Zap is handy, but it's also got its downside. If you notice they pop back up after being zap and do a nasty jump and spin attack, and that gets REALLY painful when you have three or four of them who all got Zapped at once.