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Part 38

Update 38

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The quests are only getting more ridiculous, as we're now committing monster genocide in order to get flowers for a bridal bouquet. Luceus's mind gets blown by the possibilities of two women only needing one bouquet, and then after a side trip to get a new shield that's not as good as the metal king shield we bought with medals it's time for the final mission: keeping the happy couple alive. They do nothing to make this task any easier, but the payoff will have to wait until tomorrow's update.

Scalding Coffee posted:

My kingdom for a seal immunity.

The best you can get is 40% resistance... which I should possibly get on, but accessories are kind of a pain in the ass in this game.

Glazius posted:

Damn but Arba castle town is flippin' huge. It's not often that you have a significant final part of the game, you know, not on an oppressive volcano island but outside somewhere in the sun.

It's also home of the Metal King Slime when you can go back after this portion of the story, which is kind of a key component for grinding.

Scalding Coffee posted:

Good thing the giant tree never sheds its leaves or have its branches broken, it would have knocked out entire blocks.

Either it's a magic tree, or the parts directly under branches are where the poor people live.