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Part 47

Update 47

Update 47 Video

We had some technical difficulties, but we're back and this time we're answering the question as to whether there's an additional quest to get our tension up to 100. There's not much of a difference beyond bigger numbers, but once we've got those bigger numbers we have some thieves to chase in the dwarven tunnels, with the interesting change here being that the place is full of monsters that would have counted as bosses any other time.

Scalding Coffee posted:

You really should protect against those ailments. Freeze just opens you up to a whooping.

I suppose it's a matter of prioritization, since we'd have to pull off other accessories and there's no guarantee of protection. Freeze is probably the most annoying ailment, so that might be worth putting on everyone.

Glazius posted:

That %chance to drop mini medals accessory seems really, really good, with as much kill volume as you're putting out.

It really makes a huge difference, even though the increase isn't supposed to be that big. There's another one that makes metal enemies more likely to show up as well, so between the two you can get some appreciable grinding done and get a bunch of top of the line equipment in fairly short order.