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Part 48

Update 48

Update 48 Video

We're hot on the trail of the thief with Alena's present, and it leads right to Arba Castle. We have to chase him all over the grounds, only to end up right back where we started. Feels like we could have just waited there and saved some effort. At any rate, we've got the present back but that's not what Alena really wants. We're going after her true heart's desire now, a non-stop brawl with monster team after monster team until we emerge victorious!

Scalding Coffee posted:

Was that last trial available before you went to save the Bright Lord?

Yep. Doric is available to give it to you as soon as you start this chapter, I just hadn't talked to him before because I was afraid that would launch us into the end game. I'd decided to go for it anyway in the footage we lost due to technical difficulties, but we hadn't saved so nothing was missed. I just went straight to Doric since I knew it wouldn't have a major effect.