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Dragonball Z: Legacy of Goku 2

by Combat Lobster

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Original Thread: Everyone, Lend Me Your LPs For The DBZ Megathread!

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The Legacy of Everyone else and maybe a little Goku II

Webfoot Technologies' follow up to LOG1 Legacy of Goku 2 covers Future Trunks' arrival all the way to the end of the Cell Games. It's a vast improvement over the first game on all fronts including more playable characters, open world map, a way better leveling system, transformations, and improved combat!


Part 1 w/ Heavy Sigh
Part 2 w/ Heavy Sigh
Part 3 /w Leavemywife
Part 4 /w Heavy Sigh, Blaze Dragon, and Waffleman_
Part 5 /w Heavy Sigh and Neo Shinryu
Part 6 /w Heavy Sigh and Neo Shinryu
Part 7 /w Heavy Sigh and Neo Shinryu
Part 8 /w Waffleman_ and Leavemywife
Part 9 /w Waffleman_ and Leavemywife
Part 10 /w Waffleman_, Neo Shinryu, Heavy Sigh, and Blaze Dragon
Part 11 /w Waffleman_, Neo Shinryu, Heavy Sigh, and Blaze Dragon
Part 12 /w Star Man, Neo Shinryu, and Heavy Sigh
Part 13 /w Star Man, Neo Shinryu, and Heavy Sigh
Part 14 /w Star Man, Neo Shinryu, and Heavy Sigh
Part 15 /w Satan Man, Neo Satan, and Heavy Satan

And in case you missed it, I did some videos on DBGT: Final Bout.

Now, Should I CLEAN the Trash of the Universe? Let's Play Dragonball GT Final Bout!

Final bout is a strange game where your inputs feel more like suggestions than commands and everyone moves like they're trapped in jello. This game features an English dub where none of the anime voice actors were brought in (mostly because GT wasn't a thing at the time), but instead used an entire unaccredited cast! (Steve Blum is Goku BTW) Not to mention most of the in-fight voice clips are STILL in japanese! There are 10 characters at the start, but you can unlock 6 more by playing the arcade mode. You can also unlock one more character with a code, but that doesn't matter because the game doesn't save your progress so you have unlock everyone every single time you boot up the game!

Joining me on this playthrough of the arcade mode are super warriors of space Mateo360 and Heavy Sigh. With that said here we go!

WAIT! Hold up

Before you watch the LP I do want to show off the one thing I like about Final Bout, the original opening. Okay, carry on.

Video #1: "You Jerk!"
Video #2: "YOOOooou seem happy!" (Joining us is Corn in the bible)
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