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Original Thread: Wolves hunt in packs, Arisen! Flying into free in Dragon's Dogma [VLP]



Latest Episode
Episode 49 - Free of the Cruel, Unending Ring

Please rise for the Gran Soren National Anthem.

This is a Wikipedia blurb.

Dragon's Dogma is an action role-playing video game developed and published by Capcom for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game features an open world fantasy setting, in addition to hack and slash and survival horror gameplay elements, and was released in North America on May 22, 2012. The game was developed by staff members that worked on previous Capcom franchises such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and Breath of Fire. (All favorites of mine, well the old ones anyway)

This is Dragon's Dogma.

This game is damned amazing. It is pretty much a Dungeons and Dragons Pretty Barbie Dress up game.
Gear up, look cute, feel fresh, and go into the wilderness to find adventure.

Quests to be completed, mysteries to be uncovered, weapons and armor to be aquired, dudes/babes to swoon, and most importantly monsters and ne'er-do-wells to be brutally slaughtered by the dozens! Truly Enjoyable B Grade Fantasy.

The game features multiplayer in a similar sense to Dark Souls, except instead of you joining another persons game for a time, you instead get their AI partner called a Pawn.
Once you are done with the Pawn, or they get chucked off a cliff, you can send them back with a comment, review on their appearance and helpfulness, and an item as a gift. They will sometimes speak up on their wisdom and keen observations.

I will be playing the PS3 version, so anyone that wants their Pawn to give me a hand can post their Pawns name. I will probably change up the Pawns for every video. But, I will avoid using grossly overpowered Pawns for my current level to properly show off the difficulty and avoid paying for the Pawns.

This LP will cover the original content as well as the Dark Arisen expansion content, eventually.
But overall this will be a casual experience where I go through the quests and change up the pawns and vocations to expose everyone to the sheer amount of variety that is possible in this game. I might use some of my higher level characters to show off vocations I don't normally play as. There are a couple of quests that have a few ways to be completed and I will ask for your input on how to proceed, I might then choose the other solution during a New Game+, should I go that route.

As a side note: Don't post spoilers about the story line or quests until they have been covered. Thanks.

Lookin cute, feelin fresh.

I bought and played this and the expansion while working in South Korea. Good times, but I couldn't read the manual! So, I will also slap in a Korean word around the end of each session. Edutainment!
(Korea Tourism Organization, please make the check payable to REDACTED and mail to REDACTED)

안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo) Hello/Goodbye
바닷가 (badatga) Beach
꽃 (ggoht) Flower
여자 (yeoja) Woman
굴 (gool) Lair, Cave
숲 (soop) Forest
산 (san) Mountain
돼지 (dwaeji) Pig
원숭이 (wonsoongi) Ape
문 (moon) Door, Gate
사랑 (sarang) Love
창문 (changmoon) Window
새 (sae) Bird
거미 (geomi) Spider
도마뱀 (domabaem) Lizard
책 (chaek) Book
가족 (gajohk) Family
발기 (balgi) Erection
낭떠러지 (nangtteoreoji) Cliff
편지 (pyunji) Letter
밤 (bahm) Night
겁 (geop) Fear
안개 (angae) Fog, Mist
공 (gohng) Ball
해 (hae) Sun
반지 (banji) Ring
찌찌 (jjijji) Tits
저택 (jeotaek) Mansion
용 (yohng) Dragon
개 (gae) Dog
비행기 (bihaenggi) Airplane
눈 (noon) Eye
탑 (tahb) Tower
코 (ko) Nose
신 (shin) Deity
사람 (saram) Person
열쇠 (yulswe) Key
방 (bahng) Room
황소 (hwangso) Bull
현관 (hyungwan) Hallway
실패자 (shilpaeja) Loser
악마 (ahgma) Daemon
발 (bal) Foot
엉덩이 (ungdungi) Butte
패배 (paebae) Defeat
주교 (joogyo) Bishop
대박 (daebahk) Jackpot
죽음 (joogeum) Death
승리 (seungni) Victory

This may provide aught of use:

Current Youtube Playlist


Dragon's Dogma

Episode 1 - A Fall Here Means Certain Death
Episode 2 - Curse o' the Dragon
Episode 3 - His Kind'll Rot Where They Stand
Hail, Satan
Episode 4 - Enough!
Episode 5 - This your handiwork, for truth?
Episode 6 - Wolf Pack!
Episode 7 - Beast of Burden
Last time on Dragonball Z's Dogma
Episode 8 - Coast to Coast Aught Em with Jasper
Episode 9 - Everfalldown
Episode 10 - The sight of women excites it! Do not let it tip its fedora!
Episode 11 - Berned By Love
Episode 12 - RIP Snorlax
Episode 13 - Have you heard the good word of our salvation and destruction, the Dragon?
Episode 14 - Salvation throws the best parties
Episode 15 - Dankest of Watergods
Episode 16 - Dude, where's my Valmiro?
Episode 17 - Evictions and Escorts
Episode 18 - Dyookes and Duchesses
Episode 19 - Let us introduce ourselves, we are The Nameless Men...Wait, shit
Episode 20 - Don't get cocky
Episode 21 - Gender Swapped Gerudo Valley
Episode 22 - Cooking with Steffan
Episode 23 - Golem Party
Episode 24 - Balsac's Bones
Episode 25 - Tampering with Evidence
Episode 26 - The Sanctity and Honor of Wizard Battle
Crazy WizBiz
Episode 27 - Cock in the Hen House
Episode 28 - The Duchess is in Another Castle
Episode 29 - Salvation Army
Episode 30 - The Tainted Mountain
Episode 31 - The King of Dragons
Episode 32 - Welcome to You're Doom
Episode 33 - Brave New World
Episode 34 - A Coelo Usque Ad Centrum
Episode 35 - Final Judgement

Dark Arisen

Episode 36 - Dark Arisen
Episode 37 - A 'Thank You' to the Wakestone
Episode 38 - Eye Pod
Episode 39 - Turned to Stone
Episode 40 - Pope Draconum IX
Episode 41 - Mighty Boot Engaged
Episode 42 - Dance with Daimon
Episode 43 - Mainland Morale Booster
Episode 44 - Butt Frenzy
Episode 45 - Ask Not For Whom the Bell Tolls
Episode 46 - Pope Draconum X
Episode 47 - We Hired Death
Episode 48 - We Fired Death
Episode 49 - Free of the Cruel, Unending Ring

Lunethex has created videos for the thread showcasing the vocations and the weapon skills.

Beginner's Guide

Vocation - Strider
Vocation - Warrior
Vocation - Magick Archer

Dagger Combos

The vast range of emotions of the Arisen

Friendly Fire

I will be playing the PS3 version, so anyone that wants their Pawn to give me a hand can post their Pawns name and I can find the rest in the Dragon's Dogma Goon doc. I will probably change up the Pawns for every video. But, I will avoid using grossly overpowered Pawns for my current level to properly show off the difficulty and avoid paying for the Pawns.
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