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Drake of the 99 Dragons

by ChorpSaway

Part 1: Drake of the 99 Dragons Issue 1: The Demon Box (Comic)

ChorpSaway: I hope everyone is excited for A DARK AND EPIC SAGA SET IN THE NEON-GOTHIC WORLD OF NEO MACAU.
At least, if nothing else, this does confirm that this game is supposed to be set in a Neo-Chinese setting, making Drake a super pale Neo-Chinese man.

FutureFriend: i checked and is for sale as of yet unswooped. the drake revival should be near.

ChorpSaway: Oh hey, I recognize Chung's name! That's the guy with the eyepatch who exploded the House of the Dreaming Cloud on us! I guess this is before the part where Drake supposedly killed him before since he's alive and kicking and eyepatch-less.

FutureFriend: tell us, oh middle-aged bald man with goatee how you manage to look so young

ChorpSaway: Ah, a two-for-one Drake one-liner. Classic.

FutureFriend: why's beheading cool when drake does it but when i do it its "fucked up" and "a violation of human rights"

ChorpSaway: Drake's always looking out for the ladies.

ChorpSaway: WOW there is a lot happening on this page.
Spirit Lord Supreme still sounds really awkward and reminds me of a Taco Bell menu item.

FutureFriend: just another anti-corporation comic out there, just because im a top 40 ceo who plays with the souls of the dead doesnt mean im gonna create a hell portal

ChorpSaway: You may have noticed, but we've seen a few of these panels before. That's right! The mission details in the game use panels from the comic for their splash art! I guess that's one cheap way to reuse assets.

ChorpSaway: The Master here steals a line that Drake had in the game. Also we finally get an explanation for what a Soul Portal Artifact is. Sorta.

ChorpSaway: 66 demons, 99 dragons, meanwhile I just realized that Chung shows up to steal the artifact from us post-explosion and then never matters again. Why.

FutureFriend: yeah id like the revival machine with several smoking dragonheads

ChorpSaway: Y'know, Ghost Assassin, murder doesn't sound that dirty of a crime compared to Chung's supposed racketeering and prescription drug piracy.

FutureFriend: ghost assassin seems like the kinda dude who would end every conversation with "i am death"

ChorpSaway: Oh no, the poor word balloon placement. It hurts. Also, me in the bottom right while reading this.

ChorpSaway: Wait... when he does the whole "OUT OF THIS WORLD, THAT IS" line, is it supposed to be a callback to this? That's awful!

ChorpSaway: What a classic line! Also, funny to hear you talking about relying on your weapons too much, you hypocrite.

ChorpSaway: I'm kinda mad that this page almost seems interesting. The style really seems to fit here.

ChorpSaway: THE END. This comic covered some prologue and then the game up to Mission 3. Too bad we won't see the rest of the story unfold in this medium!

FutureFriend: drake, seen moments before he jumped out of the roof like an idiot

ChorpSaway: Meanwhile, here's an ad for a completely different game! The concept sounds questionable at best.

FutureFriend: this game later lead to prolly one of the worst MOBAS ive played in my life, i blame drake of the 99 dragons for this

ChorpSaway: Here's some background to Drake's story... technically. Most of it just seems to be reiteration of stuff we've heard before, and the Ghost Assassin bit seems completely irrelevant, especially the invisibility thing?

ChorpSaway: Oh hey, a game published by Majesco, publishers of Drake! I don't think I like the implication of this ad.

FutureFriend: sometimes i buy a car game and just think to myself "will this finally gratify me sexually?"

ChorpSaway: WHAT IS NEON-GOTHIC??? Also I'm pretty sure every twist in this story was unexpected because none of it was ever explained. Also also your rimlight texturing is bullshit, Idol FX! Though you're right in saying this game is unforgettable.

ChorpSaway: Wait, Idol FX actually made another game??? I wonder how bad it i-

It's... COMPETENT???

ChorpSaway: Oh no I looked this up and there's a third game on their releases list.

Oh thank goodness, at least it seems like lightning only sorta kinda struck once for Idol FX. I was almost worried. (Average of the two critic reviews gives it about a 35.)

FutureFriend: can't wait for the drake movie in the MCU