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Part 29: Episode XXVIII: In Which We Pick-up a War Orphan

Episode XXVIII: In Which We Pick-up a War Orphan

Continued From...

Verse X: A Mother's Farewell

"No, you can't die now! Seere, my beautiful child... Oh, I love only you."

"He's acting strange. He didn't even mutter and throw a beer bottle at me like usual. Mother?"

I swear to god if one of you interpret this as the kid wanting to fuck his mom, I'm not updating for a week. Don't even joke about it.

"You loved just me, didn't you? Just me. Only me, only me. There was that weird mail courier who came around a bunch of afternoons when father was at work... You seemed to like him a lot. At least you two laughed a lot when he came over and you went into your room... But I don't think you loved him like me."

Verse XI: Survivors

Well, this all seems like a massive non-sequitur character insertion out of nowhere.

Dragon, I told you those ogres were weird as shit. And look! Guess who was right! Now we're lost as hell, I'm cold, and I haven't seen anything to kill for at least five miles. This is dumb. Let's just turn around. Maybe there will be a few stragglers back in those ravines.
"I know where I am going. I just got turned around is all."

How the hell do you get "turned around"? You're flying. You're the one that has magical directions from reading a damn ogre's memory. Since we all know ogres are goddamn masterful cartographers what with the paper bags stapled to their heads and the giant beer guts that rival my dad's.
"Look, we're not far from the end. We'll be in Empire territory shortly."

Angelus, it's cool if we got lost. I've been lost before. You just follow the trail of bodies the way you came and you're golden.
" you know my name...?"
You told me it before.
"When?! I don't recall ever telling any human my name."
You know... Before... Back when we were doing what... You remember! It was... I think it was raining or something. I got something in my eye remember!
"...That does seem to jog a memory. But..."

Caim's wandering is interrupted by a small earthquake in the distance.

What is with all the giant retarded looking things lately?! Come on!
"You mean that golem with the knives for hands before?"
Yeah...? I think...
"Why do I remember a more idiotic gigantic thing we have combated?"
I don't know... But that last golem was really stupid... I mean this thing looks stupid too but at least it doesn't have knives for hands.

Yes... I think you are seeing a smiley face drawn on with chalk on that thing. You know they don't even have chalk boards in schools anymore? That makes me feel almost as old as when I discovered they no longer use paste.

Meet Manah's twin brother: Seere and his giant fuck-off golem pal.

Verse XII: Seere's Friend

You mean you heard his voice...? Why didn't you say anything?
"It was very faint... I couldn't be certain it was Golem and not some Empire trickery."

Seere hops off Golem. Apparently the pact gives him Leon S. Kennedy caliber knee strength.

Dragon, tell this kid to move out of this position. I'll go fish up Leonard if he's into this kind of crap.

"Fallen off the wagon again, Golem?"
"Golem lonely. Golem have one too many shots. Think good idea at the time."
"Why didn't you go to those meetings?"
"Golem try. People in tiny building. Golem had to put head close to listen. Little people whine about stuff Golem no understand. Golem's turn to speak. Get closer so they can hear. Golem get too close. AA meeting building go crunch. Golem get sad."

"Golem figure if he have all the time, morning not come. Morning not come and hangover not come. Golem wrong..."

"But you will never grow, never pass on. You will be alone, a child forever."
"Yeah, I'm immortal. Hells yeah."
What the shit? I'd have given up my "time" if I could still speak.
"It usually is not one of the pact partner's choice as to what their sacrifice is to be."
"It is left to the writer's whim."
Who's breaking the fourth wall now?
"I never broke the fourth wall prior to this. I speak merely the truth."
But you gave me shit before for that...
"When, Caim?"
I don't...pfft... whatever. It's just bullshit, okay.

"Do you know that story? My mother used to tell it to me."
My mother got stepped on by a dragon.
"I umm...guess not then... I'll tell you about it someday..."

Have you seen what amounts to civilization around these parts...?
"Good point..."

"Golem need some water and aspirin. Golem need to sleep it off. No more talk. No more talk!"

Now you're speaking my language, dragon.

That kid is following me, isn't he?

And thus Caim gained his third and final party member: a six year old boy to join his pedophile and child murder fetish elf band of buddies.


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