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Part 37: Episode XXXIV: In Which the Owls Dragons Are Not What They Seem

Episode XXXIV: In Which the Owls Dragons Are Not What They Seem

Alright, then. Furiae's done gone and fucked over the world...again. But, we're not going to have her cause the apocalypse as well as have her warped cloned visage cause the end of humanity this time. And to do that, we need to kill Inuart before he fucks everything up.

Everything past that Furiae's death progresses exactly as it did in the previous loop up until this battle. Only this time Caim and Red bend Inuart and the Black Dragon over backwards within two minutes and thirty seconds.

Verse 3: Sowing Seeds

Hahahaha... Oh Verdelet...

No... No we cannot.

Verse IV: Sleep

We rejoin Inuart back down on the ground where he left Furiae's corpse.

Hey, I'm just in the business of killing. Where the bodies fall is their own business, chief.

I think that's just you bleeding out. It gets less pleasant when you go cold and die.

Inuart dies. It was very sad. However, Caim's attention is drawn elsewhere.

Whoops... We forgot to kill Manah. I think the moral of Drakengard is "be sure to kill your enemies at your earliest possible convenience or else you will come to regret it". Also, Cavia hates you and all you hold dear. That too.

At last...? Well, I guess it'll be easy enough to take her out now that we know exactly where she's gone.
"Caim, I somehow do not feel there is the need to rush. Call it a gut feeling."

Meanwhile, at the Imperial Temple...

Huh... It turns out that K-Mart bunk bed really was the altar. I guess the construction of Imperial flying clams and empty sea fortresses left little in the coffers for a fancy stage when the end of the world finally rolled around.

It looks like the Imperial dragons want front row seats to whatever Manah and the Watchers' vague plans for the world turn out to be.

"Knock knock."
"Hehe. Who's there?"
"Dinner guests."
"Dinner guests who?"
"The dinner guests to the all you can eat buffet. Nice to eat you."
"I don't get it."

Well... that resolves that... Well huh... I guess that's the end of all the loose ends. Manah is dead, the Empire is defeated, Inuart got killed before he could fuck up anything. Well...huh... I this is the e-

"Oooh... Oh man. Fuuuuuuuuck. I am crashing so hard right now. Where did we stop writing last night...? Did we even start last night... head feels like it's going to explode. Let's see... Let's see. Right... Inuart died... yeah... yeah... Here we are. Oh...? Manah got eaten by dragons. Where the fuck were we going with this? You remember, Frank?"

"Dude I am still tweaking and I'm ready for my next fix, motherfucker! Make the red dragon turn evil or something and let's go re-up at Kojima's."

"As the dragon becomes powerful, does it not seem that evil grows within it?"

Verse V: Providence

So yeah, Red has evolved to her Chaos Dragon form. This is presumably a bad thing. Yeah they...really sort of phoned this ending path in...

"No bridge can span the chasm that is between us! Look at me, Caim! You must never forget this face."
Sheesh... Who'd have known evolution would make dragons so cranky. Must be like PMS for mythical creatures. Hey...where's that little shit from before? I still owe her smug ass a visit from the business end of my blade.

The hell, dragon? You know I was saving that kill! Dammit, I held off on it the first time because you asked me to. Talk about your blue balls.
"There are more pressing matters at hand than your trivial yearning for bloodshed, human."

Yeah... And I don't care. I don't know where squirrels came from either, but you don't see my funding a scientific investigation. Come on, this is a waste of time. We're in the Capital of the Empire. There's gotta be someone left around here.

"Powers greater than we fated us to battle. What we desire no longer matters."
"What the hell are you talking about, dragon?"
*cough* "Hey... I can speak again. Ugh... Crap. Man, your mouth gets dry when you don't use it for a few weeks."
"Listen to my words, Caim."

"Hmph... So I'm too hot for even a dragon to handle anymore, is that it?"
"There is no other way. You must die so that others may live."
"A shocking revelation."

"So, after all this that's the way it's gonna be, huh?"

Well, that was the quickest turnaround from partners to mortal enemies I've seen in some time. Drakengard!


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