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Part 51: Episode XLVI: In Which We All Go "WHAT THE FUCK?!"

Episode XLVI: In Which We All Go "WHAT THE FUCK?!"

I forgot to mention that Red once more transforms into her Chaos form. No worries. She's not evil this time and there's no dragon apocalypse incoming.

I really wish there were...

With the death of Manah, Furiae, and Inuart due to Seere being a tremendous pussy, Chapter 12 of 13 now opens to us. Once more, all roads lead to Notspain. I think everyone expects the Spanish Inquisition at this point.

This is probably the most appropriate title for this chapter. If you watch this chapter and do not have an eyebrow raised expression of bewilderment and mutter "what the fuck?!" at least once, then I suggest you seek counseling immediately as something is clearly broken within you.

Verse 1: A Little Thing

Indeed, screenshots will not do this opening part justice...

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