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Part 57: Episode LI: In Which...

Episode LI: In Which...

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"He slept deep beneath the earth, forever young and strong."

"The hero who had drunk of Time traveled to the ends of the earth."

"It's called 'The Little Hero.' My mother told it to me."
That was the shittiest story I've ever friggin' heard! There was a lazy kid. He woke up one day. Wander around like a jackass. And died. The end.
Why the hell are we wasting time listening to Junior McShittymemory rape the retelling of a story that probably sucked in the first place? Come on, dragon. This is retarded. Let's go take care of this dumbass thing already... Everything burns, after all. Everything...

Welcome to the final chapter of Drakengard. It is time for a journey of discovery...

Verse 1: A Journey

This final loop branches right after Seere tells his story about the Little Hero. In this path, Caim and Red basically tell the kid to shut the fuck up and go to handle things themselves.

"And yet you do not pray?"
"To whom?! What gods can help us now?!"

Red gets in one last before hitting the road.

And then you bash their heads in with a big stone while they sleep. I like your style, dragon.

"We will meet it again, if we live."
I'm going to come back and drag your sorry runt ass to every town, village, castle, and mud hut I can find and make each and every person the world over that all of this was you and your dumbassed sister's fault. Just you wait, kid... Oh wait! You have to! You'll be around forever.

"Don't forget me! Ever!"

And so Caim and Angelus smash into the queen-beast and all is engulfed in a blinding light...

Verse 2: New World



It looks like Angelus and Caim are experts in back alley dimensional rift abortions.

Give that giant she-bitch the juice, dragon! I want to see it burn!

"I'm giving it all I've got, Caim. It is a resilien-what is this?"
I... I don't know...

What... The... Fuck?!


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