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Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

by Grawl

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Original Thread: SAVE. APRIL. RYAN. Let's Play (Dreamfall:) The Longest Journey



Welcome to my dual LP of the Longest Journey, and it's sequel Dreamfall: the Longest Journey. Both games were made by Funcom, before they started to make shitty MMORPGs. Back when adventure games were still cool to play. The games have so many differences, but also so many similarities I decided to LP both of them for you. Unlike my previous plan, I'll first play completely through TLJ, and then play Dreamfall straight after.

So sit back, because this can be a long ride. The games have excellent stories, but to unfold them -like any good adventure game- you will have to talk a lot. In fact there's so much talking in both games, I will try to keep my own commentary to a minimum, so you can enjoy the game without some idiot ruining the experience. However, when I feel the need, I will tell you a thing or two with subtitles.

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