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Part 11

Sorry for the short update, but yesterday's was pretty big and I'm a little burned out. It makes sense narratively as well, since the chapter ends with this update.

Let's Meet Kian! /Backup

Kian is an interesting character who seems to have gotten forgotten somewhere down the line. I suspect he'll be playing a major role in TLJ3, but his introduction here is short and he really doesn't do much throughout the game. It's a real shame, because the Azadi are pretty interesting.

So Kian has been ordered to track down and kill the "scorpion". Scorpion is in fact someone we've met, and you'll find out exactly who later.

Kian is pretty well regarded around here.

Well, let's say goodbye to our Master.

Garmon: 'With haste'. I see. Another heathen who needs converting?

: There's great darkness in this world. Is it not our duty to illuminate the darkness with the light of the Goddess?

Garmon: We cannot make the sun rise in the dead of night, Kian. Like everyone else, we must wait for dawn.

: Must we have this discussion again, Master? It seems to me you question everything I believe in.

Garmon: Not so, Kian. You know I'm a man of faith. What I am questioning is our right to impose our faith on others. I've been to these Eastern lands, and--

Garmon: What would you have me answer? There is indeed arrogance, oppression, murder, and fear in those lands...but there's also beauty, freedom, and humility. And the brightest day has the darkest shadows, Kian. Remember that.

: I must depart now, Master. The cloudship leaves the havens at first light, and my duty beckons.

Garmon: Duty or no duty, do only what you yourself believe to be right, and not what others tell you is right. I'll see you when you get back. You can tell me all about the Eastlanders, and how you rescued their maidens from a life of sin! May you walk with the Goddess, Kian.

Next time Zoe pays a visit to Japan, and April discovers a strange Azadi secret.