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by Rin

Part 2

We'll be seeing Brian again later, but for now let's meet our protagonist;

Meet Zoe/ Backup

Well that was delightfully .

We've now gone back in time two weeks, and we join our heroine as she watches the news from the comfort of her bed.

News in the future certainly hasn't gotten any better

and it's still just as bipolar.

The Wire is the internet of the future.

hint: It's not the sunspot activity

Well this news show is pretty boring, I wonder what else is on--

What was that? /Backup

Well the TV just flipped the fuck out, so what could possibly happen next?

That's right, it's a robotic BonziBUDDY.

Turns out it's actually Wonkers, the Watilla Zoe has had since childhood (a Watilla being a robotic servant of sorts, and playmate for children). He's basically the Teddy Bear from AI but purple.

Anyway, the future still has cell phones, so let's see what that message Wonkers told us about was.

Zoe's mobile contains her journal, which is always nice if you've forgotten what you were doing, a log of recent conversations and text messages that we'll be sent occasionally during the game.

Well now that we have our phone, let's take a look around Zoe's room.

Who doesn't?

The TV Screen we were watching is actually part of the window, and can be turned on or off with voice commands.

That is one stealthy TV.

Let's see if Wonkers has anything interesting to say.

Wonkers is basically and he doesn't even realize it. /Backup

Over in the bathroom Zoe praises her shower.

The future unfortunately still lacks automated laundry.

Too much information. How do you even know that if you don't share a bathroom with him?

That's enough screwing around for now; let's get dressed and head to the Gym.

Better then nothing! Well, I'm kind of partial to the underwear, but I suppose Zoe would rather wear clothing while outside. Women, know what I mean?

Okay, we're all changed, so let's go downstairs and

Meet Dad. /Backup

Let's see if there's anything else of interest downstairs.

So this is where the mess is then?

Well before we leave, let's talk to Dad some more.

Gabriel: We're signing a contract with a new biotech outfit, and they need me to do another on-site evaluation.

: Oh. That sounds...really, really boring. I thought you wanted to do more lab work.

Gabriel: I did. I do. This is what happens when you get a promotion.

: Serves you right for having ambitions. So when are you coming back?

Gabriel: I'm not actually sure. It could take a few days, it could be as much as two weeks.

: Really? Two weeks? I have the house to myself for-- I mean, I have to be alone for two weeks?

Gabriel: Yes. And we talked about this on Tuesday as well.

: Oh. Sorry. My mind's just...elsewhere.

Gabriel: I'll say.

: Buy me something in Bombay? Something exotic?

Gabriel: An alarm clock, maybe?

: Funny.

: Listen, Dad, would you mind terribly if I had a few people over tonight?

Gabriel: You're asking me if you can have a party?

: No. Not a party. More like a, uh, a soir�e.

Gabriel: Ah, right. I'm guessing there won't be any boys or alcohol at this 'soir�e'?

: There definitely won't be any drugs. How's that?

Gabriel: You know how to put things into perspective, Zoe. All right. When did you ever need my permission anyway?

: I know how to play you, Dad. That's what daughters do.

: We just don't talk about it much.

Gabriel: Zoe, we never talk about it. When were you ever interested in my job?

: I don't know. Forget it. I'm just trying to be nice.

Gabriel: Gesture appreciated, Zoe. Work's going well. My promotion's keeping me busy.

: I've noticed. We haven't sat down together for dinner since Christmas Eve.

Gabriel: I'm sorry. I just want to settle in, get on top of things. They've given me a lot of responsibility.

: I know, I know. Don't worry about it, okay? I'm glad things are going well at work.

Well that was a lot of text . I won't be doing that very often, I just really like Zoe's Dad .

And with that, I guess it's time we actually head for the gym. We're certainly not going to get sidetracked again, oh yes.

Next Time we explore the streets of Casablanca, meet Olivia, and if we can avoid getting distracted long enough, go to the Gym.