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Part 4

Well now that we're finally free from the "mondo coolness" of Olivia, let's see if we can't actually make it to the gym.

Here's the next area of town. Perhaps I should get some coffee?

Before we can get to the counter however, we are interrupted by Zoe's friend Aaralyn.

Aaralyn: Yup. Well, I'm actually heading down to the gym for a quick work-out before lunch. Hey, weren't you supposed to be there already?

: Um, yeah, I'm running a bit late.

Aaralyn: You should hurry. Jama won't be happy.

: I know, I know. I'm on my way.

Aaralyn: All right, I'll see you there!

This exchange is basically just in case we forgot that we had to go to the gym, because the game clearly doesn't remind us enough.

Honestly, how do they expect us to know what to do next?

Well Aaralyn ran off, so let's shirk our responsibility and grab some coffee.

The Caffeine calls to me like a beacon.

Screw that Zoe, Coffee is awesome!

: Not much. I'm on my way to the gym.

Karen: Again? I'm impressed. You're there almost every day, aren't you?

: I have a lot of time on my hands.

Karen: Lucky you.

: I don't know about that. I don't feel particularly lucky. I just feel like I'm wasting time.

Karen: I thought you were going back to, what was it, Cape Town University?

: I was. I might. I just don't know if school's the right thing for me at this point. That sounds pretty pathetic, doesn't it? I guess this is what they call 'going through a phase'. At least, I hope it's just a phase.

Karen: We all have those. You'll be fine.

: I hope so. Anyway, thanks, Karen. See you later?

Either that or he's a bum.

There are two paths here: The left path leads to Reza's apartment building, and the right path leads to the gym. As tempted as I am to go left, there's really nothing we can do there at the moment.

Zoe isn't good with kids .

In the future all cars are amazingly shiny. I think this just might make up for the lack of automated laundry.

We'll be using this later (surprise!).

Is this what I think it is? Have we actually made it to the fabled Gym spoken of in the legends of old?

Zoe promptly changes into her Gym clothes and says hello to her fellow students.

Now that we've said hello to out fellow students, let's go

Meet Jama and Learn How to Fight /Backup

Dreamfall has a very bland, sometimes frustrating combat system. Ultimately it doesn't so much matter since fights are few and far between. I found it to be of great help to the story though, since now everything doesn't have to be solved by puzzles, so when it makes sense to use physical force you actually can. It's also worth noting that Jama is about 10 times harder then anyone else you fight during the game.

Let's talk to Jama some more

Jama: Why do you ask?

: I don't mean to intrude, but I've been training with you for six years, and I still know so little about you.

Jama: You're not intruding, Zoe. It's a fair question. I am, after all, your instructor. Before the Collapse, I worked in corporate security in Shanghai. Basic protective duty for Dragon Motors. When the Syndicate established the EYE, they called me. I became a field operative, working mostly in the anti-corporate terrorism unit. We were based in Kinshasa, but I traveled all over the world. After four years, I got out.

: Why did you quit? It definitely sounds like something you'd be good at.

Jama: I was one of the best. But I did things I wasn't too proud of, and I saw things I couldn't stomach. I had to get out before--

: Before what?

Jama: The corporate world operates by its own laws, Zoe. The EYE doesn't serve the people, and the Yuan rules. I was just following orders.

So basically, we can't trust the government. Of course, is there even a video game or movie where you CAN trust the government?

Well that's enough Martial Arts for one day, so let's head back home and get ready for the party.

Oh man, not again! /Backup

And no sooner have we left the building do we receive

A phone call from Reza.

Next time we meet Zoe's ex, a mysterious Doctor, and conclude Chapter 1.