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Part 5

Lots of videos this update since this is where the game picks up. Anyway, we already know where Moco Loco is, so let's head over there and

Meet Reza /Backup

Let's learn some more about Reza by talking to Karen the barrista.

: Who?

Karen: The guy you were just with. The cute one. He comes by pretty often, but I've never seen the two of you together.

: Oh. Reza. Ex-boyfriend.

Karen: Was it serious?

: It was. At least, I was pretty serious. I had our whole future planned out. Kids, cat, a loft downtown, my own business, stay-at-home husband... The whole nuclear family thing.

Karen: What happened?

: I broke it off. It wasn't real. I mean, I loved him, he loved me, that part was real. But the rest of it... I was pretty naive.

Karen: Sorry to hear that. He's a real cutie.

: And he's got a personality. A rare combination.

Karen: But you're just friends now.

Karen: I'm spoken for. Unfortunately. Plus, I can tell you've still got a thing for him.

: What? No, I don't. I'm completely over him. Just friends.

Barrista's can see into your soul. Like Bartenders.

Well, let's head over to the Biotech Building to pick up that package for Reza!

There is now a taxi conveniently waiting for us.

And it takes us to the lovely Biotech Building.

What awaits us at the top?

Action! /Backup

(Yes, I know you can trap the "receptionist" in the closet, but kicking her ass is more fun)

Yes, yes I suppose you do.

You've got a crappy memory Zoe.

Helena Chang: You did what you had to do. You defended yourself.

: I don't know about you, but I usually don't have people trying to kill me.

Helena Chang: Now, who are you, and what were you doing in my laboratory?

: I'm Zoe Castillo. Are you Helena Chang?

Helena Chang: That's not-- Castillo? I see. Yes. Yes, I'm Helena Chang. How do you know my name?

Jericho is Reza's alias since he's basically a vigilante journalist.

Helena Chang: Jericho? I told him I wouldn't give the package to anyone but him.

: He couldn't make it. Didn't he tell you?

Helena Chang: I never got that message. Maybe it was intercepted. That would explain a lot...

Nice job blowing his cover Zoe

Helena Chang: I wouldn't know. But I need to leave right now. Here, take this.

: What is it?

Helena Chang: Information. He'll know what to do with it.

: What kind of information?

Helena Chang: I'm sorry, but that's really none of your business. The package is for Jericho's eyes only. I have to leave.

Helena Chang: Please deliver the package to Jericho right away. And thanks again for your help. I shall not forget it, Zoe Castillo.

Well we better go find him then.

Using the console calls us another cab since Helena grabbed the last one. Let's hurry and get to Reza's apartment.

Reza better have some good answers for us.

The music that plays in the apartment building is fucking awesome, and I will try to get an MP3 to upload for you.

Let's head upstairs and

End Chapter One with a cliffhanger.

Next time we conduct an investigation, Wonkers says the word shitfaced, and Zoe finds that purpose she keeps whining about not having.

Before I start Chapter 2 (which I already have all the screenshots and video for) I'm going to capture all of the screenshots and video for Chapter 3. If you want to suggest using more or less video, now is the time to do it (or any other suggestions really).