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Driver: San Francisco

by Occultatio

Part 2: Chapter 1 Landmark Guide

Chapter 1 takes place primarily in the financial district of the city, which so far has been the best recreation of the city. The previous entry gave us a glimpse of the skyscrapers from afar; this entry shows how much detail they put into even the minor buildings.

Hyatt Regency - Screenshot - Streetview - Wiki
One Market (Southern Pacific Building) - Screenshot - Streetview - Wiki
Hilton and Portsmouth Square Garden - Screenshot - Streetview - Wiki
The Gateway Apartments - Screenshot - Streetview
Bank of California - Screenshot - Streetview - Wiki
351 California - Screenshot - Streetview
Notre Dame Des Victoires - Screenshot - Streetview - Wiki - Note: The building just past Notre Dame and the parking lot across the street both exist in real life, which just goes to show how much attention to detail was put into the buildings in this game.

Civic Center (pt 2) - Screenshot - Streetview - Wiki (L to R) Supreme Court of California, Asian Art Museum, Main Library

Feature: The Market Street Wharf

This view is of Market Street looking North East. The original shoreline for the city started at First Street, so everything in this picture was built on land fill. There are numerous landmarks along the Embarcadero which talk about the waterfronts great history. I have yet to find any real good history segments on the wharfs, but I will link some if I do. The building at the end of the road is the Ferry Building. None of those other buildings exist. The classic F-Line streetcar (Seen here in a photo I took) is also missing. Given the significance of the street the lack of building detail is surprising. The street is also technically one of the widest in the city (at 120ft between property lines it was the widest when it was built), yet, compared to a lot of other streets in this game which have been widened, it feels cramped. On the other hand, the ferry building area is quite accurately recreated. The hotels and surrounding buildings are fairly well placed and well detailed. It will be interesting to see if Market Street lines up with Twin Peaks in this game as the view from the hill provideds the most iconic view of the street.