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Original Thread: [video]Let's kick ass and chew bubblegum while playing Duke Nukem 3D!



Duke Nukem 3D was released January 29, 1996 by Apogee and while almost everyone played it, it was quickly squashed a few month later by the release of Quake. Duke3D is nowadays probably more remembered for it sequel that should have been released on the other side of the century and still hasn't seen release. And that's kind of sad since Duke3d is a really fun game, and Duke Nukem is awesome.

Which is why I'm playing thru it, I'm using a windows port and a highdefinition pack, which means that my videos won't look like complete shit when I post them.

I'll be working my way thru the Atomic Edition of Duke3D which has four episodes and a whole bunch of levels, but if I get boredI might take a detour and do some user maps, so if you have one you want me to play, post it and I might do it aswell.

One more thing, Duke3D is a fast game, not DoomII fast, but still it's much quicker then later FPSgames, for this reason I recommend you watch the Dailymotion version, since it's in 640x480 while google's version is half that. So DM = not so blurry, GV = a bit more blur.

If people want to play thru other mappacks or versions of Duke3D that's fine by me, infact do it! I'll add everything that's posted to the op. Just one thing, please don't post stuff from the PC version of Atomic unless I've already gotten past that part.


My own run

Episode 1: L.A Meltdown icon are linked to dailymotion Google video map1 Google video map2 Google video map3 Google video map4 Google video secret level Google video the end Episode 2: Lunar Apocalypse Google video map1 Google video map2 Google video map3 Google video map4 Google video map5 Google video secret level Google video map6 Google video map7 Google video map8 #1 Google video map8 #2 Google video map9 Episode 3: Shrapnel City Google video map1 Epsiode 4: The Birth

Additional Runs

JannemaN playing the N64 version
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