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Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes

by Niggurath

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Original Thread: Wanting to get back in time for Oprah, Veinhead! (Duke Nukem Megathread)



So as we are currently living in very tumultuous times, what with the end of the Mayan calender coming around and the many cries of the 'Duke Bros' holocaust still ringing loudly in our ears, I figured it would be a good time to reflect on the forgotten years of one of America's greatest heroes.....

No, no; a much greater man than even our current monarch. Nay, the man I'm referring to was a true patriot. First seen fighting against Dr. Proton's evil robotic forces in Operation Desert Storm and then later fighting for his freedoms against the nefarious Rigelatins so as to save the USA from being put under their strict theological rule. And even after all that thankless work, what does Duke find when he gets home? Why another group of aliens have stormed the planet and are attempting to abscond off with the lovely lady folk (it can only be assumed that all the fatties and fuglies were wiped out beforehand). And Duke was indeed able to drive off all these hideous forces but like any great hero of time he requires attention to sustain him. With the oral passing of his tales of daring might limited in most respects to his first 3D outing it's not overly surprising to find his many other feats of nationalism and manliness have all but been forgotten.

So it is with that that I hope to lead you on a guided tour to give some retrospective look of both Duke's earlier years and his later triumphs (both on inferior systems and through the annals of time) to keep his genial spirit alive even through these very rocky times. So please enjoy as we take a look into the past and possibly grizzly visages of tomorrow in this:

The follow-up to the first outing of Duke Nukem on PS1, coming out just a year later is 'Land of the Babes'. Running off pretty much the same game engine and controls, even carrying basically the same plot as the original but in the reverse the game actually manages to be dramatically inferior than 'Time to Kill'. But it does contain more amazing dialogue, cinematics, and enemies.....kind of. But lets go ahead and get started with the levels.


Stage 1: Welcome to the FutureYouTube  
Stage 2: The future isn't so brightYouTube  
Stage 3: Big GunsYouTube  
Stage 4: Getting WetYouTube  
Stage 5: TrappedYouTube  
Stage 6: Underwater StreetsYouTube  
Stage 7: What's the SmellYouTube  
Stage 8: Silverback's StrongholdYouTube (Part 1, Part 2)
Stage 9: Babes in DistressYouTube  
Stage 10: Hunter Killer FactoryYouTube  
Stage 11: Space PortYouTube  
Stage 12: Space BayYouTube  
Stage 13: PromenadeYouTube  
Stage 14: CombatYouTube  
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