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Part 15

The Alternate Ending:

It all begins a few chapters ago-- we had just returned from killing Halatos and returning the ORA stone to the fake king. He lectured me about it for a little while and then disappeared with Judas. Depressed, we walked into the bar only to be confronted with the most beautiful woman in all Oddesia.

: Oh!
: Oh!


: I was attracted to this shit?
: I'm out of here.

: ...

I try to blink through the tears, but they just won't stop coming.

Like a little girl, I run screaming from the bar, stumbling and tripping on cobblestones errantly. I make my way to the castle to maybe get some respite in the kind words of the king.

Oh right

Well that tears it. Fuck this kingdom. Fuck the princess and fuck being a hero. in fact, fuck the shift key. it's been nothing but trouble.

Hail to the king, baby.

Can't make this shit up, people.

The adventure of Jesus has come to an end. Liquor and whores, here I come.

Thanks for reading.