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Dungeon Siege III

by Fleve

Part 1: Estate Planning

And we’re off!

Anjali goes to visit the old Montbarron Estate but finds that things had already been heating up without her.

At the end of the video I introduce a new vote, which concerns whether we are greedy and want quest rewards from the villagers of Raven’s Rill, or whether we are generous and let the villagers keep their valuables in exchange for a warm and fuzzy feeling. I could tell you what exactly the rewards are on either side, but that’d be spoiling. Rest assured, both decisions lead to tangible rewards. It’s just a minor matter though.

This took a bit longer than I wanted. I had this finished 12 hours ago. After uploading, youtube took ages to process the video, going from 70 minutes to 120 minutes, then 8 hours. Reuploading as an MKV instead of MP4 magically fixed it near instantly, thanks Mico from the tech support fort! Anyway, it's time for bonus material. I've got more lore waiting on the sidelines when it becomes relevant.


The composer, Jason Graves, has put parts of the soundtrack up on soundcloud as well as his own website. During this episode, we’ve mainly had the opportunity to listen to the main theme, Rebirth.