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Part 8: Tomb Raider

After dealing with Rajani, we head off to continue our grave robbing career by ransacking the Hero’s Crypt. And boy did those ancient heroes have a lot of good loot.

During the video I mention that I’d have to look up whether our fireform weapons have Sanskrit names or not. Turns out they do. The collective name for them is Yantra, which seems to be mystical diagrams or rather amulets with mystical power. They also seem to be devices to map concepts, or in general instruments in other forms of Sanskrit. In-game they're sortof bracelets made of spheres which...only work if they're points, in which case they represent the element of ether. In Yantra a circle is supposed to represent the element of water. I can see why they did it though, because Fire would've been either upward-facing triangles or vertical lines, both of which seem very difficult to make a nice bracelet out of.

Most of the other names are generic, like Spark, or Cinder, but there’s one other name with a Sanskrit meaning. Agni is in fact a Hindu deity, fittingly the god of fire.