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Part 18: Arise Ye Workers

Well whoops. I totally wanted to release this way earlier, but then I discovered Sunless Sea and...well, as with a lot of good games it led to some fast-forward time-travel from which I've only just now emerged, days later, rather dazed and tired. Anyway.

Heading further into the Foundry, we vanquish the Cyclops leader, leaving us to decide their fate.

* The image is derived from Boris Kustodiev’s Bolshevik (1920).

So, what will it be, are we going to side with Capitalism and Kassel, leaving the Cyclopses with nothing but honouring an old contract, or are we going to support the Socialist Revolution and empower the downtrodden Cyclops masses?

On a side note, the name of the Cyclops we beat at the end, Ergometheus, is actually more than just a fitting Cyclops name. You might be familiar with Prometheus, a Titan from Greek mythology whose name means ‘foresight’, or ‘forethinker’, from ‘thinking’ (methos), ‘before’ (pro). ‘Ergo’, while meaning ‘therefore’ in Latin, in Greek actually means ‘work’, making the name Ergometheus mean something like ‘work-thinker’.

And on a gameplay side note, I think that the seemingly random huge damage I’m sometimes seeing comes from the Brutality talent that shoots off an AoE knockdown. It happens surprisingly often and makes for some pretty large crits, as long as I’m close enough.

MrAptronym posted:

On the topic of Van Helsing, does anyone know of any action RPGs more like DS3? I enjoy its style a lot more than diablo type games.

In terms of gameplay there really aren't a lot of games like DS3, in fact, I can't think of any game that entirely fits the bill. The top-down Diablo, Torchlight or Helsing games just feel a lot different, whereas games that rely more on dodging and positioning are generally third-person or over-the-shoulder, like Darksiders, the old Gothic games, Divinity II, Jade Empire, Kingdoms of Amalur. In a lot of ways DS3 is more similar to the third-person category, but none of them are a close-enough fit I think...