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Part 28: The Spire

And we finally assault the Spire.

* The image is derived from Pieter Bruegel’s The Tower of Babel.

Spoilers below on the resolution of the thief as shown at the end of this part. Further below, important stuff on voting.

The actual consequence of freeing Fitch isn’t that you get access to his shop, that would happen regardless. But if we hadn’t freed him, we’d have gotten a few rare items from the chest he looted, but his shop would then only sell a bunch of blue and no rare items. The current outcome is favourable I feel, cause having nearly 200k is pretty useless if the last shop you meet doesn’t have anything good.

And finally, a consequence from way, waaay back when we let Rajani go alive. If we instead had killed her at that point her fellow sisters wouldn’t have helped, and we would have had to fight against them instead. We’d have gotten a pretty good early-game spear from killing Rajani though.

Now then, we’re one video away from the end. Because it makes for a rather dumb cut to first finish the final battle, then vote, and then show you 2 minutes of ending scenes in a separate video, I’ve decided to do the voting right now and seamlessly incorporate them in the next video.

Final Choice
There are two branches, each with a few sub-choices. Pick one of the letter/number combinations below.

A: Kill Jeyne Kassynder, leading into:
A1: Agree to watch over the remaining Archons for Kassynder
A2: Refuse

B: Spare Jeyne Kassynder’s life, leading into:
B1: Order Jeyne to help rebuild the nation
B2: Hand Jeyne over to the queen
B3: Send Jeyne into exile
B4: Put Jeyne on trial

So who is it gonna be that’ll join us for the final battle: Lucas Montbarron to avenge his father’s death? Katarina, guns blazing, all girl-team? Or Reinhart so he can mutter sarcastically about theological magic? I should be able to do the last fights fine with any of them.