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by Just A Friend

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Original Thread: DUST: An Elysian Tail [VLP]



Dust: An Elysian Tail is an 2D indie action game not unlike a "metroidvania" (or however you want to call it). It was for the most part solely developed by (the now maybe infamous) Dead Dodrill. The game was originally released only for Xbox Live Arcade in August 2012. When I first saw the game I instantly fell in love with it, which was a real bummer for me since I did not own a 360. Thankfully, however, the game got a PC (Mac and Linux too!) release the following year.

Dust combines the 2D side-scroller with a fluent and insanely satisfying combo system and some RPG elements. As is common for these types of games, there's tons of stuff to explore and find. Hooray! Another thing that stands out in Dust is the beautiful audiovisuals of the world. Even the voice work isn't bad. Just not most of the character art...

Story-wise the game follows a wandering swordsman with amnesia and perhaps a dark past?? Woah!!!

Joining me for this one is the enigmatic Ladderface and (later on) RChimpCola.

Why this game?
I already alluded to it above but more than anything Dust feels like the game that's made for me. For the most part it is the game I would have liked to have made myself. In fact some time ago I created a prototype that's pretty similar to how Dust turned out. So there you go.

How will the LP work?
Pretty straightforward. I'll be doing and collecting everything and showing some tricks here and there as we go. Your typical JAF LP, if you will. There's a lot of talking in the game so there's two versions of each video, with and without us jabbering over the voices.

Anything else?
If you like, you can use our new website to view these videos and many others. It's a pretty rad site if I do say so myself!!

Morroque posted:

As promised, since we are now entering the final areas of the game, here is that Gamasutra Postmortem I mentioned.

Interestingly, there's been other news. Just the other month, the game's sales figures finally broke the 1 million mark.

Captain Bravo posted:

With all the news that you can use, KDST is on the air and bringing you the latest in important Elysian events: Tune in now!

Just A Friend posted:

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