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Dwarf Fortress - Boatmurdered

by Various

Part 2: by TouretteDog

Have you ever wanted to be a dwarf, dig into mountain halls, and fear unholy amphibious undead elephants that scale walls and murder your entire family while you sleep? Your wait is over, your dream is here, and that dream is the official Goon Dwarf Fortress Succession game!

One year = one turn, from spring of one year to spring of the next. Once you see the cheery green "Spring has arrived!" text, save it, zip it, and get it to the next player. Upload it to or something similar, and post the link to your savegame so the next person can get it and begin. Feel free to break your turn up into a bunch of posts, but let's try and keep it moving along.

Once it's your turn, you get a week from the time that the link is posted to take your turn. If you start but can't finish, your successor has the option to pick up where you left off and play out the rest of your turn and their. If you don't start, then the old savegame just goes to the next player. If you trash the fort to total -- and I mean TOTAL -- unplayability (e.g. magma flood oh god), we'll revert to an old save, but overcoming setbacks is half the fun, so hopefully we won't have to do this.

Pretty much anything goes except for the following: 1) using huge bridge hallways to kill demons/seiging armies, and 2) things that make later turns totally unplayable such as flooding the world, mining adamantine, or removing bridges in creative ways so that the pathing eats it and the bridges can't be reconstructed and the fortress descends into an orgy of violence and starvation. If you do this, we roll back to an old save and everyone gets dwarven blue balls (which are shorter, but stronger, than the regular variety), so nobody do this please

If you want in on this, please post and include your email address so that I can get hold of you (read: nag you to take your turn) if need be. No email = no play

We'll start with the current version (22f) and use that until further notice. As updates happen, we'll use later versions but please mention the version number when you post your save. Using new saves with old versions makes bad things happen.

How to save game, please?
Hit ESC, then go down to 'save game'. Once you've done that, go to your DF folder, then the 'data' directory, then the 'save' directory. Get region1.sav and the 'region1' folder and put them in a zip file.

How to load old save game, please?
Get the zip file and unzip the contents into your data/save directory. If you have a game going on and don't want to lose it, back up your save directory first since unzipping the new one will wipe out your first world, whatever it is, along with any games running in it.

Oh god how do I do X?
First, check the wiki, then if you still can't figure it out, check out the official DF thread here, and if you still can't, ask away!

I don't want to play a turn but can I be a dwarf in your fortress?
You probably want Remmy's awesome Dwarf Dream Vacation thread!

I'm not very good at this game, can I still play?
Hell yeah!

What's happened so far?
You can check the linked turns, below, but some of the highlights:
Year 1: Not much; started digging out, got the farm up, mandrill attack at the end.
Year 2: Three fey moods in one year resulting in a table, an amulet made of the elusive red spinel, and a glass door.
Year 3: Furry goes batshit with traps, and floods the chasm with lava. Two more fey moods (toy hammer and a lunatic metalsmith who decided to take a bath in the moat). The elephants get their first taste of blood, and they like it.
Year 4: Locus starts arming the dwarves against the inevitable doom of the elephants and trades a rock ring to the elves for everything they own . The nobles arrive and promptly ban red spinel for the first of many times, and the kobold thieves start arriving in earnest with their own import/export plan. Another pair of fey moods ends up with one dwarf swimming in the moat, and the other locked in his room without pants.
Year 5: StarkRavingMad's turn. Go read it all, right now. Epic battles with elephants and the first siege. Timmy falls down the well.

Player list
1. TouretteDog
2. mariguana (megor grendel)
3. Keyboard Fox
4. Locus
5. StarkRavingMad
6. Bremen
7. Sankis
8. Astronautonomicon
9. StarkRavingMad (With an Intermission)
10. Unknowing
11. Cross Quantum
12. Major Failure
13. Mystic Mongol
14. Sankis
15. Doctor Zero
16. mariguana
17. Guerilla Medic