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Part 18: by StarkRavingMad

This elephant has killed so many guys he has a fucking full on last name and title now. But one of the dogs finally knocked him unconscious.

About 16 more elephants have showed up to support their buddies.

The funny thing is the elephants keep trying to leave, like they'll go down the passageway back toward the outside. And then some fucking dwarf wanders in to get the dead guy's pants or whatever and it pisses the elephants right the fuck off and they come charging back up the passage again.

Guess I'd better put in a work order for some more fucking coffins.

Despite me telling the dwarves to stay inside and stop going out there, they continue to try and recover corpses. It's time for harsher measures. I told everyone to stop fucking gathering everything.

But it doesn't matter what I tell these morons. They're bound and determined to march to their deaths.

Harsher fucking measures are necessary. I install two front doors and lock them. No one gets in or out. Boatmurdered is closed until further notice.

This basically stops the elephant problem for now as a temporary measure. I'm hoping they get bored when they figure out no more fucking toys are coming to play and wander off. We lost about 20 dwarves to this debacle.

Of course, just to add insult to fucking injury, about 17 snakemen jump out of the river. We don't really lose any there except a couple dogs and cats though.

Yeah, you elephant assholes, choke on that miasma.

Meanwhile, one of my clothesmakers made about the awesomest shirt ever.