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Dwarf Fortress - Boatmurdered

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Part 23: by Bremen

StarkRavingMad posted:

One or two previous rulers died during my reign. I guess I should have documented that better, but it was kind of hard to keep track, what with the ground awash in dwarven blood and my panicked attempts not to permanently screw over the whole succession game.

Bremen posted:

Most of them are dead, yes. I'll try and give more concrete info on survivors at the end of my turn.

Locus posted:

Well at least we're resting peacefully in our tombs. In spirit. Probably underneath elephant remains, in the physical sense.

Bremen posted:

I ran out of coffins.

Then I ran out of designated graveyard space.

Most of you are spending your eternal rest in the garbage dump.


The fall caravan arrives, running right into a herd of elephants.

The guards engage them for a bit, actually managing to take down two, before all but one flee towards the fortress with various elephant caused injuries.

The elephants hang back and wait. They know the caravan has to come back over the bridge, and an elephant never forgets.....

Children grow up so fast these days.

Apparently during the confusion an imp wanders into one of the traps in the forging area and gets torn apart.

The elephants get bored without any slaughtering going on and leave, just in time for the caravan to make its escape.

Awhile after the caravan leaves, some new immigrants show up. These go along way towards replacing our losses (Current population 74). I draft most of them into the army and reorganize it into a mostly crossbow armed force, with a few heavily armored swordsdwarf supplemented by the similarly armed town guard.

Mandrills appear and head for the trade depot. I mobilize the army, but they're all busy sleeping and don't arrive in time to help.



But what's this? apparently a number of mandrill are still across the river and are unable to find a way across. Time for revenge!

A soldier reaches the far side of the river and fires his crossbow

A hit on the foot! Die mandrills die!

At last revenge is ours.

Meanwhile in the fortress, the child prodigey begins contruction on a strange artifact.

Man, that kid needs counseling.

Only winter is left. Sorry this update is taking so long, but I'll try and finish it off tomorrow.