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Part 8: by Locus

I propose that we each name one dwarf after ourselves when we end our reign and retire/get demoted for gross negligence. I can do that retroactively for previous rulers if you all think it's a good idea.

1st Granite, 1054, Early Spring

I have been selected as the next interim ruler of this village of Boatmurdered, which is well on its way to becoming a grand fortress. In hostile lands such as these, security and provisions are my first and foremost concerns.

Although I was worried when I discovered that we had no military forces to speak of, an inspection of our trap systems revealed that they are sufficient to defeat any attacking force from inside or outside, below a full scale siege. I looked to wells as a possible route of invading vermin, but only found barrels of alcohol. As we only have a scattering of peasants to choose from, most of which seem to be pursuing their own professions, I will wait for new immigrants to draft for our army. In the meantime, weapons and armor must be forged.

Personal note: My thoughts linger on the sinister herd of elephants I saw lurking across the river today, and I am tempted to order the construction of a special catapult battery which overlooks their territory in order to train our siege operators. Unfortunately, such slaughter would surely agitate the many animal handlers who have taken it upon themselves to capture and tame these monstrosities, for reasons I cannot fathom. For now there are more pressing matters to attend to.

Provisions are not as high as I would like, especially with more immigrants coming soon. I have ordered some of our farm plots to be enlarged, and ordered the planting of the year's first crops.

Noting the need for copper ore, I surveyed the walls of the cave river, and noticed a small vein. I ordered a tunnel to be dug to the source, but work is slow, as we only have two miners, and one of them is resting to heal a very nasty looking wounded left arm. I do not know what caused it. In fact, I am noticing that several peasants and farmers are in similar shape.

Success! Kulet Regunib, our legendary miner has struck silver while digging into the malachite vein.

As I received early warning that the cave river was flooding, I noticed that our current bridge is extremely unstable and dangerous in such a situation. Fortunately, the dwarves and animals on the bridge were not swept off when it hit, but we may not have such luck in the future. I have ordered a pair of small bridges be constructed upstream and downstream of the main walkway, in such a way that they will not compromise the drawbridge function.

An Elven Caravan has arrived, and their friendship with nature seems to have protected them from the grazing elephants. I do not know the state of our crafts and tradegoods, but bins are being sent to the Trade Depot in preparation.

We traded a Talc ring for five berries. Personal note: I grow to hate Elves more and more as time passes. Still somewhat low on food, I have ordered several elephants put up for slaughter.

Immigrants! Specifically, 19 of them, with a Mayor, a Mason's Guildmaster, and a House Ferite representative. Mayor Ral Atirlorsith Personal note - I do not trust that name has settled into the Noble quarters, and is already demanding 7 Fortress Guards. I am drafting assorted peasants and mechanics to fulfill this, and using the three sword-dwarf immigrants as the first squad in our new army.

A ban on exporting Red spinel items has just been introduced by the Mayor for some reason. What does he think our enemies are going to do? Stab us with jewels?

I've had little sleep in the past two days, and must retire for tonight. I have quite a bit of work to do in the upcoming season, mainly outfitting our soldiers with steel equipment, setting up improved magma crafting centers, and managing our food supply. I hope that the coming summer proves to be favorable to Boatmurdered.

Keyboard Fox posted:

Dude! We have FIVE METRIC FUCKTONS of prepared food! We're not low on food!

Locus posted:

Oh. Prepared food? So these are some kind of dainty fancypants dwarves that don't sit in the dark and gnaw on cold mushrooms?

That seems undwarflike.

TouretteDog posted:

It's dwarf bread, man. The cat peed on it, and it doubles as a lethal throwing weapon.

Locus posted:

That makes sense. I bet it menaces with spikes of bread too.