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Part 2

Herr Zwiebel posted:

You won't last a year. What went through the minds of your dwarfs when they stopped the cart? "Hey, I bet we can put those flaming, bony monstrosities into our still to make wicked firedemon brew"? The last fortress I started under conditions this horrible ended with the last survivor going mad after a skeletal mandrill ate his pet kitten and going on a suicide charge into zombie elefants while naked and on fire. And it wasn't even autumn yet.

Well aren't you Mr. Sunshine

26th Granite, 106: Even if we are surrounded on all sides by hideous undead, we at least have some potent resources at our disposal in the form of hematite and gold, both of which were unearthed as we dug a shaft down to where the quarters will be located.

Once we were certain the imps have wandered off elsewhere, we quickly retrieved the remains of LCQC and the salmon he left behind. His noble sacrifice shall not be in vain. I'll finally have something to eat besides those damnable plump helmets they grew back at Palmlanterns!

23rd Slate, 106: The miners Verviticus and MrGreenShirt have been tunneling through the mountain with impressive speed. Room for the first proper workshops has been made and we immediately built a proper mason's workshop as well as a mechanic's workshop. we are certainly not cowardly enough to resort to traps, but for a fledgling fortress like ourselves, a drawbridge between us and the hordes of the undead will be necessary until we can fend for ourselves properly. Moto42 begins work on the project post haste.

We also construct a carpenter's workshop. As LCQC is currently rotting outside the fortress (note to self: bury him before he starts moving), Facial Butter is picking up carpenter duty in his stead. We have enough wood on hand to make some beds and we had the foresight to bring more with us, but how we shall secure future lumber will be an utter mystery. There is also the matter of getting still parts for Palmlanterns. I have almost forgotten about it completely.

11th Felsite, 106: Praise to the miners indeed! An exploratory shaft has revealed underground deposits of sand, meaning we do not have to risk the outside world to grow ourselves food. Our planter SWATJester will finally have something to do instead of mucking about in our temporary home.

24th Hematite, 106: Finally, I'm back in something resembling civilization. As the brains behind this operation, I have taken the liberty of having the miners Verviticus and MrGreenShirt (who have been gaining skill alarmingly quickly) carve me out a modest little abode. It isn't much, but I am not that picky (though the walls and floors will have to be smoothed without delay!).

So I was wandering through the tunnels today seeing the new stuff that had been dug out and I was so shocked at what I saw that I almost had a beard-attack. Some wisecracker went and constructed a still! I tracked down the most likely culprit and expedition brewologist Facial Butter and asked him how he had found the parts so quickly and even more, how he had built the damn thing so soon. He looked at me like I was stupid and told me all he needed were rocks.

But don't we have a lot of rocks at Palmlanterns?
Well... yes...
Then why have we wandered all the way out to this fetid hellhole surrounded by flesh-eating undead when we could have just used the rocks at home?
Well, you see... they aren't the right kind of rocks.

Then he starts going off talking about how the minerals present at Palmlanterns make distillation come out wrong and how the water is hard and OH ARMOK THE FLAVOR NEEDS TO BE JUST RIGHT. So why not just haul some of these rocks back to Palmlanterns?

Do you want to haul several hundred pounds of rock on foot for a hundred miles?

Point taken. Goodbye Palmlanterns, we hardly knew ye. They're not the most well-adjusted lot after spending so long so isolated and to be frank they were ready to start tantruming at the drop of a hat. Good riddance, we've got our booze!

18th Malachite, 106: Well, our last pack animal won't be winning any horse races anytime soon. Landslantern: 2, Headshoots: 0. We'll get you yet you fiend.

The rest of my year will be coming tomorrow, and the fortress will then be handed off to Vox Nihili. You'll have your work cut out for you!

I'll also make the necessary additions to the leader list and the dorfing list too so everything can keep moving forward. I'll be maintaining the OP throughout the whole affair so the game will hopefully not stagnate.