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Part 57

Oh God No! TRIBUTE why? Why the consort as well? Why couldn't you complete the floor to save her life Whitecloack? You bastard!

El Rodento died during some crazy sparring accident, nobody is taking responsibility for his murder and continuing on as if nothing happened.

I stole all this shit from the elves when they came. First I just stole stuff then I deconstructed the trading depot to take everything else! The most awesome thing is a Giant Jaguar. The depot has been since rebuilt elsewhere (everything is forbidden because I didn't want to dorfs to spend their time hauling everything)

Prof Fling now lives with the goblins. Its probably an upgrade from Headshoots honestly.

This is MANCs. I hope to show the operation of this simple looking device later.

Wow, amazing! Another Count! They certainly push em out back in the mountainhomes.

Until next update! (in a few hours)