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Part 67

While waiting for our latest artifact to be done, I decided to check out some of our fort's artwork, which is usually engraved right into the walls and floor. At first, it all starts out pretty awesome. Goblins being slaughtered by dwarves...

...Then things get kind of creepy. Hastily carved images of dwarves murdering dwarves in a berserk frenzy, the carvings themselves often bloodstained...

And then, rather anticlimactically, there are many, many, MANY carvings of dwarves carving themselves carving. Seriously, 90% of the fort's engravings are this. Couldn't we have something better? Like...more goblin death?

Speaking of death, various dwarves have been claiming the goblin's armor and weapons. they aren't afraid to do a little "lava hopscotch" and quickly move between the randomly changing areas of solid floor between the main gate and the outside. Instead, I had a alternate passage built. Now the dwarves can take a ramp up to the cliffs then back down on the other side of the wall.

Call it wimpy, but i'd prefer it to burning, screaming dwarves setting everything ablaze.

Judenhauer finishes his creation! A bed made of stone? That must be uncomfortable. Still, that is the most METAL bed iv'e ever seen. The thing is covered with spider webs and THE BONES OF SLAIN DEMONS. I've added it to his quarters, since he made it.

That still doesn't stop him from giving me nasty looks every time he passes me in the hall.

Something about an engraving in my tomb or something...I don't know.

Also, we have barrels of raw fish and plenty of fishermen, but no fishery! I quickly fixed this problem and got one of our more useless dwarves on fish-cleaning duty. I mean really who prides themselves on being a good potash maker?

Also it turns out for some dumb reason, i'm not allowed to award tombs posthumously! I instead gave the tomb to hollistic for that lava wading stunt. Once he's dead and buried within, it's going to be flooded with lava.

It turns out this guy showed up outside. No caravan, no guards...hell not even a squire. The guy just shows up alone and begins booking it across the dead landscape, screaming like a little ninny the entire time. It worked, at least. He did manage to make it to the relative safety of headshoots to hold diplomatic discussions.

Although I don't know if we should really trust a guy who's last name is "burnpartner". Just a hunch...

Ah, THERE'S the human caravan. I guess the diplomat got excited and ran ahead or something.

Though, he ran in from the WEST border, not the east

Oh cut the sarcasm already, you dick.

Meanwhile, whitecloak meets the caravan at the new lava and riverside trade depot. A bunch of goblin junk and alumnium crafts are traded for a ton of meat, booze, fish, plants, cheese and some pretty damn good steel armor.

At last, my tomb is finshed! I mean really guys, you just kinda dumped me into a mass grave place after I got my head bit off. That's a bit of a dick move... Wasn't my awesome hauling skills enough to warrant a tomb of my own? Oh well, my new tomb more than makes up for it. Two pure silver statues and silver columns leading up to a solid gold sarcophagus.

Yeah, that creation from the afterlife stuff? Total BS by the way. I just wanted you guys to make me a badass tomb.

Also, a congratulations to mrs. "Belgian"! Though, the father IS crackmaster it seems. Make sure to keep him away from his cabinet. And boots.

Iv'e also found out the reason behind Uncle Jam's death. It seems that at some point a mandate went unfinished...probably that clear glass one earlier come to think of it. Anyways, in retaliation, Olesh had the hammerer reduce Jam's head to a fine paste .

Sheesh, another one?! I guess it's repopulation time or something....

Iv'e come to realize something, actually. The overseer thing? It's a pain. Yeah, I'm having fun ordering people around, scaring small children by threatening to eat their brains and living in a royal bedroom....but it's a huge problem. Everyone expects you to solve every little issue they have. Have you ever had a headache when your head isn't even attached? It's a real bitch.

Iv'e been inducted into the fortress' champions, you see. I plan to retire now to the military and spend my undeath fighting and killing.

You know..though...I could have it all. I could keep the luxuries, the power, the status of leader..all it would take would be more effort and patience with the problems every overseer faces....

Eh, screw it.


And that ends my turn! Yes, I know I actually ended mid autumn. For one iv'e taken long enough and second due to outside sources I may not have as much free time soon. May as well pass on the save now instead of holding the thread up. I really didn't create too much new stuff, mostly because I had enough trouble navigating what I already had

The save: