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Part 113: Globofglob: Update 6

It seems there are small adamantine stockpiles throughout the forst I have no clue why someone wouldn't just make a large central deposit of the stuff.

Congradulations Meliv. You are now slightly less likely to die.

Though Baroness Accursed, Hammerer Daeran and Dungeon Master Phrederick seem to be trying to exert some influence over the economy, their changes are almost always reversed by Mayor Bobthethurd

I've been avoiding Jazzimus Prime lately. I mean, I like the guy and all, but his problems just got worse ever since I ordered adamantine mining to resume. Every night, he's made a habit of banging on my door and screaming. "Globofglob! Please stop! Don't you see? The whispers, the voices! They're coming!". It's always something along those lines. Luckily, these episodes usually only last a few minutes or so before he goes running back to his desk.

Also, the oddest thing happened today. When I was in the depths, overseeing the adamantine mining operations, I found Silento Bobarachi. Noone's seen the guy in the last few months. He was staring at me, but when I went up to say hello he ran away. Strange guy.

Anyway, Since the tower's base is almost complete, I've been thinking long and hard about what I want to do with it. And I finally have an answer! I really like this position. I mean, I really like it. Top quality armor, no hauling, an awesome room and tomb(pending).

So, tomorrow I'm going to make an announcement. I'll need around 6-7 dwarves, for this, but-

[Blood covers the rest of the tablet, making the remaining text indecipherable.]