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Part 191: Orangesoda: Update 6

I tried to ignore the fact I awoke with a huge, disfiguring scar around my neck the next day, but soon enough the rest of the band and other dwarves were asking. I told them the truth, that I don't know how they hell it got there.

I guess you could say I was almost tempted to travel to the top of the pyramid and topple that statue, soul beacon and all. I'll admit I was afraid of what was at work here, that maybe if I did it's bidding, i'd be spared death or something far worse than death.

But then I remembered, i'm the overseer now. I'm the damn overseer and it's up to me to keep this place running. Iv'e never done anything important in my life, so this is my chance to finally do something other than make metal toys for spoiled noble brats.

That morning, mayor Bobthethurd was to give a speech at the grand re-building of our adamantine trade depot.

"Citizens of..Syrupleaf, right? Yeah, Syrupleaf!" he said, idly kicking the mangled corpse of a frost giant wrestler aside as he spoke "Today..uh...well, we're putting back together the trade depot. That's about it. Oh and iv'e gotta build it, it seems. Great."

It was less of a speech and more of him just talking to himself really. He picked up his building supplies, then suddenly dropped them on the ground again, smirking as he pointed to the building site.

"Well!" he said, pointing to a rope reed sock laying in the snow "There's something blocking the site! I guess we have to suspend construction for now! I'll be in the still if you need me." he said, walking back into the fortress.

I'm not exactly sure what to do, really. I had one of the masons take over, since I didn't want to end up the victim of a hammering.

Later on, Nielsm finally began working on his creation, laughing to himself in a rather unnerving tone as he worked furiously...

And then was soon done, his sanity returning with the dress finished. In fact, he seemed...smarter now. As if his sudden insight stuck with him even after his madness fled. Given the name of the dress and what's on it, not to mention it's blood red seems it was made in mourning of the champions, given that a famous marksdwarf's legendary crossbow is featured upon it.

Before I could congratulate him on the amazing craftsmanship, Icedrake ran down the stairs in a hurry "Overseer! We've got a murder mystery on our hands!" She shouted, getting my attention.

"Oh hell, who's the victim?"

"Uh...Murder mystery, apparently."

And this is why it's important to name your children properly. I went with her to meet the guard and check what happened to the body. It was slashed up pretty bad...instantly, I worried that something may be loose in the lower halls...a demon, one of hollistic's spawn even...

There were a few wardogs around, but they were well trained. None of them would maul a dwarf unless he was attacking others or them. I was about to order the military to sweep the lower floors, when one of the guard spoke up.

"Hey wait, these are mole claw markings."

The plot had thickened. Checking Murder's journal and mail, we found out that Eiba had been demanding he make a green glass statue in honor of one of the fallen moles, growing more and more irritated as Murder explained that both he was a carpenter, not a glassmaker, as well as the fact that we had no glass.

The war moles may have been sic'd on him as a punishment, but we don't have hard evidence.

Instead, I decided to focus on problems I COULD solve. It turns out that the new warriors of syrupleaf had nowhere to train. There was no official barracks, despite a room fitting the job perfectly. I ordered it to be the new barracks, the recruits quickly filing in to train. As safety precautions, they were ordered to fight unarmed until the got the hang of basic combat.

However, this did not stop the fortress guard from showing up and fighting them with weapons, which they won't put down no matter what. I'm already starting to regret my new job, maybe I was better off as a crafter?

Little else happened that spring, with summer just bringing in more ice and cold. I guess it was a little bit warmer, but out here it just doesn't matter much. I should be glad at least that the giants didn't come back to finish us off. Maybe summer would be more peaceful...

A few weeks later, scouts reported a man in a loincloth of all things running across the glacier towards the fortress. I thought it was a troglodyte that had escaped the chasm at first, but it turns out that the pantsless man was none other than a human diplomat. I will never understand humans, what compelled him to run here alone dressed like that?

Though i'd soon learn he was anything but alone, the next day, the human caravan arrived, lead by some well-known merchant guild leader or something. Iv'e never heard of the guy before, but the others here claim he's a real badass for a human.

As I watched the caravan head down the frozen brook, Chance II came out to see what was going on as well. "I hope we're ready for this." he suddenly said, staring off into the distance.

"..ready for what?" was my reply. Did he mean the merchants? After all, the trade depot was all set up..

And that's when I heard the most horrifying sound in my life. A ghostly, piercing wail that seemed to come from all directions. They were here.


So, the spawn have arrived and the new warriors of syrupleaf are hardly beyond recruit status right now suggestions are more than welcome as to how to handle this.

Also yes, the human diplomat did arrive with a loincloth instead of pants.

Pimpmust wrote :-

Here I am, enjoying beating up those stupid rookies with the butt of my crossbow and now SPAWN shows up? What, am I going to have to fight them or something?

Fuck. What to do...

EVERY DORF FOR HERSELF! Build a wall or something with the bodies of those rookies! That should keep the Spawn well fed long enough for important people to escape.

Screaming Idiot wrote :-

Kitan posted:

The Onyx door isn't the kind of Onyx you think it is.

It's the Pokemon Onix.

They're all too afraid to try and fight it.

"Raaaarghlfaaargh, mlaargh flaargh!"
("Oh come the fuck on!")

Screaming Idiot wrote :-

Samopsa posted:


Dwarf Fortress LP: Pokemon? In my DF LP!? BURN THEM CHARIZARD!