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Part 61: Eiba: Update 1


I aim to make my name in Syrupleaf. I'm something of a treasure seeker, you see, and well word's been whispered all through the stuffy mountianhomes about Great Things found in Syrupleaf. What? Adamantine? No... what I seek ain't a mineral at all, it's a living thing! And more of them critters have been sighted at Syrupleaf than anywhere else known to dwarves. Now these are dangerous varmints indeed, and most outposts would be wiped out by the numbers of them found down in Syrupleaf... but those stout antarctic dwarves, they're something else.

I'm currently getting ready to kit up with a group of like minded dwarves. All talking about the vicious creatures Syrupleaf has managed to best. Some of them them sound practically terrified of the things! Ha! Won't catch such cowardice from me, though I don't blame the poor fellas. Their vicious claws could easily disembowel an unprepared dwarf.

And so I depart for Syrupleaf to test my mettle and hopefully make a few bucks while I'm at it.

Ah, where are my manners- allow me to introduce myself, I'm known as Eiba, the best damn Giant Mole Wrangler this side of The Gulf of Citadels, and I aim to make Syrupleaf the very center of the continental Giant Mole industry.

Holistic Spawn? Never heard of them. Can't expect a simple down-to-earth moleboy like m'self to know that sort of obscure arcane gobbledygook.

Skullbuggy wrote :-

Here's a quick little sketch of Sirocco I did.

I don't think I properly captured the ignorant bliss, but I tried.

Bobbin Threadbare wrote :-

I only came to realize the point of the forge once I heard of obsidian weapons being handed out before the next appearance of Them. Two swords were given out, but I had witnessed the creation of only one. So which of the two dwarves, Drakenel or That Guy Bob, had been given the Spawn Sword? And what manner of creature had been used in the second weapon? Sadly, I could not tell, as the noncombatants such as myself were no longer needed to prepare for sieges. It would not be until later, when I asked others about what they witnessed, that I came to understand just what depravity Weskerdwarf had unleashed.

In the meantime, I had my own worries to attend to. I felt an urge, a need to tell another of what I had witnessed, of the darkness stirring beneath SyrupLeaf. I had heard of another dwarf, one Chance II, who claimed to be knowledgable of the nature of the Spawn. However, on the day I chose to approach him, I discovered a croud of dwarves, both seated and standing, watching a sort of experiment, whose nature was unknown to me. I spied Mr. Chance himself near the main table, but I was puzzled to find that his hands were not the ones moving the equipment. A darkness gripped my heart as I realized who was behind the tinted glasses, who was feeding the flame beneath the glass bottle containing one of Their skulls. The Weskerdwarf himself was showing off his knowledge, and all the other dwarves, Chance II included, were watching with rapt attention.

I could not tell Mr. Chance. I could not tell anyone. I had to take matters into my own hands.

markus_cz wrote :-

Dear mr. Skullbuggy,

you are the best fortress manager ever! I really, really like your job Very Much! I like it so much I want to give you a Gift! But because it is a very valuable Gift, I had to hide it somewhere where nobody could steal it. I will tell you where it is, you will take it, and we will all be Happy!

This is a map. My brother Leper (he wishes to remain Unnamed) is very good with crayons so I asked him to draw the way for you. As you can see, first you have to go to our furnaces. At the end of the long hallway, there is a cabinet. It is no ordinary cabinet, it is a Secret cabinet that hides a Secret door! But don't tell anyone, it's Secret!

How do I know? My good friend mister Screami a pump operator helped to set the door up. He told me you only have to open the cabinet and look for a Switch inside. If you flip it, a door will open.

On the crayon drawing, you see there is a secret corridor, some rooms and many Levers! Mister A pump operator told me this is the place where Unicorns and Badgers hold their feasts! Really!

Don't give up, you are almost there! All you need to do is go to the very end of the corridor and Operate the last Lever on the left! This is very important! Don't Operate any other lever or the gift won't work!

Once you Operate the lever, hurry up and run down the nearest stairs (see map).

Please, hurry as fast as you can. Downstairs, there is a floodgate. Just wait till it opens, the gift is on the other side. Have a nice day! And thank you for being such an amazing fortress manager!

Yours sincerely,