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Part 66: Sirocco: Update 1

Sirocco's Year: Part One

Hey diar- uh journal of records!!! Ha ha ha!

You won't know me, but I'm going to be keeping note of all the events here at Syrupleaf over the next three seasons! What an opportunity! I'm so excited, my hands are shaking!!! What to record first, huh? Well, I suppose I should record how I ended up here in the first place to begin with...


'Hey, you. Kid.'

I turned round to see Eiba, (you should know him already, ha ha ha!) the moleboy. He had weird metal circles on his boots and a big white hat. And all the time he was looking at me he was rolling a match from one side of his mouth to the other.

'Who, me?' I gasped. A noble's never spoken to me directly before!!! I don't think they even know I exist!

'Yeah, you. You a good kid?' He looked at me carefully.

'The goodest and the bestest!' I replied promptly. I tried to salute but I just hit myself in the nose. I guess I haven't got the hang of that yet.

Eiba paused for a moment. 'That's good enough for me. I need someone to keep the mole project going and what with Dash Magnum out for the count I'm plumb out of options. You seem like an impressionable guy... think you can do it?'


'Alrighty, boy. You've got yourself a fortress to run. Bye now.'

And off he went! Leaving me in charge of Syrupleaf!!! And it wasn't a dream this time!!!

I'm going to take this newfound responsibility very seriously and do my best to protect our queen and fortress. It's what's expected. It's what's proper.

... I'm gonna build a gazebo!!!