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Part 81: Sirocco: Update 16

Sirocco's Year: Part Sixteen

'You called for us, Mr Sirocco?'

I looked up from my journal (as in you, journal, ha ha ha!) and beckoned them closer.

'Hey kids, I needed to talk to you... see how you're coping after what happened to your mother.'

The children sat down sombrely. They didn't even ask for a lollipop, poor kids.

'What happens to dwarves when they die?' asked Markus, his eyes wide.

'No one really knows,' I said. 'Some people think you go to Armok's side and enjoy an afterlife full of carousing and wine and women. Others believe you just... disappear, like a dreamless sleep that never ends.'

'What do you believe?' asked Leperfish. They both seemed quite attentive suddenly. I knew I had only one chance to say the right thing.

'I believe... I believe we live on forever in other ways... engravings, stories, song... a thousand years from now that's all that will be left of us, see. But you have to live for the moment you know? No point in living for a future you don't know exists right?'

They both nodded.

'Your mother will be remembered. I'm sure she's proud of both of you whether she is, if 'is' can still apply. She lives on through you. If you live a good life then your mother will never have died. Just changed.'

I think they understood. As they left the office I stopped them to give them both a lollipop each - then I changed my mind.

'Take the whole jar, boys. Bravery shouldn't go unrewarded.'

And away they went.