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Part 2: Episode 02: Totally An Amphibian

Clearly I need to post an update.

Episode 02: Totally An Amphibian


Lizard Wizard helpfully suggested that the Ikustega is probably meant to be the Ichthyostega, and provided just the perfect picture.

Evolution Chart

New Music

17. Whispers From Above

Hearing voices from on high? And before we even licked any of the the other frogs!

18. Amphibians' Land

Get off our land, etc. One of my favourites.

19. Intimidation

Intrigue’s fat cousin.

20. Cry for the Past

This is going to be a harsh journey.

21. Gaia's Warning

Mayyyyybe we shouldn’t have done that.

23. Foreboding Desert

Oh Gaia there’s sand in my everything