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Part 7: Kamchatka

Happy New Year everyone!

We're taking the fight to the Dynasty today. After 4 missions it's finally time to push back. No more defense, no more sneaking. I'm excited. Are you? You should be.

An informer eh? Could it be Igor Burkov, the guy the LC was talking to before the UCS alliance? I say it is. Sombra also appears to have read her Sun Tzu. We'll do our best to heed her advice here. A quick strike will be best.

That's not much of a starting area. Good thing the LC has General Fang and his amazing anti-gravity tank. Also a pretty snazzy airforce.

A whole lot of research options are available now. In addition to these updates to the Rocket Launcher and Chaingun we can also fully upgrade the Moon. This rocket launcher upgrade gives us two barrels to shoot out of. Sounds like a good idea to me.

I send my starting Lunar m1 Rs to destroy the bridge to the Southeast. The base has exits from a large approach to the West, this bridge and a narrow canyon next to a river in the Southwest. I'd like to force the ED to come in from the canyon so this is the first step in ensuring that.

Oh look an unescorted Gruz, where have we seen that before? It's white this time so it must be from the research base.

Tough to cross into my base without a bridge isn't it Gruz?

Here's my solution to the Western approach. With a Main Base in the middle and the laser walls the ED tanks are going to go around to the Southwest. The main base should also provide enough defensive firepower to protect the approach. With Defenders dropping down to reinforce my army's position on the Southwest approach and back-up the Main Base it's time to go on offense, only five hours into the mission. The ED won't know what hit 'em.

Ah, here's the research base, right to the South. It looks pretty damn vulnerable so Fang should be able to take care of this himself.

God damned helicopters, ruining my plans!

Good thing I've got an air force! They knock the Cossacks out of the sky in no time while Fang starts working on the ED's repairer and Gruz units to prevent any repairs and reconstruction.

The rocket upgrade is done! I'm going to work on the double chainguns next, that way both our main weapons systems will be hitting harder.

With the destruction of this power plant the base is, practically speaking, destroyed. The ED research forces can't build any more units and their constructors are dead. It's just a matter of clean-up and minimizing casualties at this point.

There's the three research centers Sombra wants us to destroy. I've got a clever plan to deal with them while Fang and the Meteors take out the power grid.

Remember how I said the LC can build anywhere on the map they can see? Well if you throw down a Defender here it'll auto-target the buildings and start blowing them up. All you need to do is make sure they're resupplied and you can blow up a base without even using an army. Fang and the Meteors are focusing on the power plants to make sure the ED can't get anymore research finished.

Well, well, well look at that. Seems like the other ED forces have found our base and even blew up a laser wall. My beautiful lasers They'll pay for this.

The power plants are down. No more mining, no more researching and soon no more living from these ED researchers. The Defender is almost on the field.

The early strike here hopefully will set the ED back so badly they lose their tech advantage. Seizing the resource field here will let us open the research spigot and catch up.

Double chainguns in hand but out of resources at the Main Base I put a hold on research for the time being while I drop down some Research Centers on the battlefield. Ferrying everything back to the Main Base is going to take too long and slow us down.

These ZT 100 Siberia Rs pack quite a punch. Our forces are starting to melt due to their withering rocket barrage. Even with support from the Defender towers, it's not enough. We'll need to upgrade our Moons if we want to have a chance of taking out the other ED base.

The mine and Research Center are on the ground. Time to start researching that Moon upgrade.

To help defend against any more ED assaults I order the guns upgraded on all my defensive buildings and switch a few Defenders to a Rocket/Rocket configuration.

We've completed the mission but we need to take out the other ED base too. Not only will we be able to send more resources back to the Spaceport, we also must have revenge for the destruction of our fence!

Also Sombra makes a bit of a meta-joke here. It really is just a game Sombra. Can't we all party?

Damn. The ED base is bottled up pretty tight. Fang can't hope to sneak in with all those Siberia units and towers. Making things even worse is a second level of towers beyond this one. I pull Fang back and consider my alternatives.

The Moon m1 Rs, Defenders and Meteors all make quick work of the few Cossacks that followed Fang up to the base.

Remember how I built a Defender in the research base? Let's try that again. I also build a single laser wall so I can get the fog of war removed where I want to build, but also to remind the ED of their murder of an innocent piece of military equipment.

It works! The Defender is down and starting to shoot the shit out of the base. Unfortunately all the Cossacks, Taigas and Siberias put quite pounding on it. I lower another tower but I don't feel very good about it.

Yep. The Dynasty blows up the Defender before it can reach ground. It falls and explodes and somewhere Major Wlad is laughing.

The Moon m2 is complete! As you can see it has much more HP than our old Moon m1. The upgraded rocket launcher is included as well so not only will the new Moon survive longer, it'll pack more of a punch too. I'm not satisfied yet though so I begin work on the m3, the final revision to the Moon.

Who's laughing now Wlad!? Me, that's who. My entire army will destroy your litt-what do you mean they all died in a frontal assault? Well shit. Time for some improvisation.

I pull Fang, a Meteor and a Moon (the only survivors ) into the back of the base and drop down some Defender towers. With all the mobile defenders destroyed and out of resources the ED can't do anything to hit the towers. Fang can now sit back in a safe position and destroy the power plant supplying power to all that defense at the base entrance. Unfortunately, I'll need to rebuild my army and airforce. Good thing I did all that chassis research!

The Moon m3 is done. It's going to be the backbone of our army for a very long time. There's only one Moon m1 R left and I doubt she's long for this world. Since the airforce got destroyed I might as well research the upgraded Air Chaingun before I rebuild it. The new Meteors will be better.

Fang, the towers and the 2 other survivors have taken out all the power plants and small towers. With the destruction of this tower there's nothing that can stop us from wiping the ED off the map and taking all those sweet, sweet resources.

Look at that new Meteor. I told you it'd be much better.

The last ED building is destroyed. For the first time in this war, the Lunar Corporation has completely annihilated the Eursian Dynasty. It is our first major victory. May there be many more in the future.

Our army and air force are rebuilt. Time to send these new shiny units home.

You need to have an Ore Transport Refinery built to transfer all the resources back to your base at the end of the mission, so I build one. I'd like to get that second upgrade for the rocket launcher before ending the mission though. Ending the tech imbalance will be big.

Now that the Moon and Chaingun are fully upgraded I've added a Moon m3 20mm to our unit list. The Lunars blow up too easily and over-reliance on rockets can bite you in the ass when everyone runs out of ammo all at once. Expect to see some of these in our next missions.

I wanted to show this off earlier but forgot. Earth 2150 has a really neat three way split screen you can use at any time. You can use this to keep an eye on your main base or the tunnels. I'll be keeping things on the standard view since Irfanview sometimes screws up the screenshots with three screens going. I just got the full version of Fraps, so I'll see if using that fixes the issue.

High Counselor Torlan lets us know that we're 10% done with Catharsis thanks to our extra resource gathering. Great news!

An extra 11 points of damage is a 33% upgrade over the old version of the rocket launcher. I think I can say now that the LC has the upper hand in technology.

This nice little pop up shows up before you end a mission where you can send resources back. 12,719 for "free" is not bad at all.

We kicked ass this mission! Major Wlad only completed research on 2 techs and Major Kruz (the research guy) only got one. And we had a great unit kill ratio this mission. To top it all off, we gathered almost twice as many resources. I have no complaints this mission. Well, except for those 16 losses. Those weren't so great

We're going back to ACME Labs. Maybe Sheela won't hit on us this time? I hope the re-education center or whatever they sent her too has helped out, she kind of freaked me out last mission. I'm curious to see what TENEBRE is though. Sounds like it could be good.

In honor of our brutal destruction of the ED this mission our track today will be LC - War 1. This is one of 3 tracks that plays anytime you get attacked by or attack the enemy.