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Part 101: Florida

rest of briefing posted:

Signed, General Tsugai, Shakt, Mobile Commandos

PS We are well within time schedules, so you have enough time to make sure those UCS tin cans will bother us no more.

Welcome to Florida Comrades. Full of sun, beaches, lave and UCS scum. We don't have much to start with, so let's get a base set up.

This will be our last mission on Earth, so every able bodied Dynasty soldier will be contributing to this mission.

Our mine is well in front of the rest of the base, but we should still be able to defend it with ease.

Speaking of defense, here's the usual UCS early attack. Thankfully I've got a good mix of tanks and Groznys here so it shouldn't pose a problem.

So many rockets...

We lost one tank out of an entire army. Definitely wasn't a problem.

With the first threat to our base neutralized it's time to push out and a) find a good spot to defend against any other UCS attacks and b) find the UCS base. The Groznys will look for the base while the tanks fortify themselves here.

No UCS robot will be able to penetrate this defensive line.

So far we've found a whole lot of nothing. At least we know we have the southern part of the map all to ourselves.

Research: 1800 PSU Power Shield, Pillbox

We're at nearly the midpoint of the map, still no sign of the UCS. These resources will come in handy though. I'll send a Gruz up to build a mining base.

Oh shit That's one hell of a base. SDI Lasers, towers galore and an actual sane power grid. This is not going to be an easy nut to crack.

It's also nestled right up against the side of these hills, leaving us few good places to attack. But I have an idea...

An idea involving artillery

Our towers and second mining base are ready. With the towers in place the mobile units are now free to take on a more offensive role.

HQ has been completely cleaned out. The only things left here are some Boyars I've kept in reserve and that utterly useless Minelayer we started the campaign with.

I'm even bringing over these two Spiders that have been protecting the Recycling Complex. Who cares if the UCS destroys it at this point, we're not going to be recycling anything anyway.

This is our entire army. No reserves, no last second reinforcements. I'm sending everything I've got at the UCS.

But not without some trickery first. If I can secretly build a series of artillery batteries here in the mountains, the UCS will be unable to reach us directly. The only way they'll have to attack is to move right through my line of towers and units near the base. Let's hope this works...

The Groznys are on standby in case the UCS send over any air units.

Success! It looks like we can shell their base with impunity without getting in range of their towers.

Wait, how did you get back here?

No no no no no no no no no no no no no

My brilliant plan is ruined! There's a small pass through the hills and the UCS are now pouring into our artillery base. Hold the line! I'm sending up the entire army to reinforce you!

Well it might not be stationary artillery, but our mobile artillery is putting the hurt on the UCS in the remnants of our artillery base.

Unfortunately, almost all of our Groznys were lost. If we're to rebuild, why not rebuild with something a bit tougher?

Research: Thor mk1 and mk2, Heavy Helicopter Rocket Launcher mk1 and mk2

Following their successful attack on our artillery base, the UCS press their advantage and are now marching towards our first mining facility. However the entirety of the ED army is there to stop them. This will be quite the battle.

The battle is joined and I cannot see a damned thing from all the rockets flying around. Hopefully we aren't all shooting each other.

The UCS line begins to crack with the weight of the Dynasty army bearing down on them.

We've destroyed the first wave, and more importantly, secured this choke point.

The UCS have no chance. Under fire from our mobile artillery on their approach, and decimated by lasers once they reach the causeway the battle is over.

We have won! Now to press our advantage and retake the land our artillery base sat on.

And while we're there, why not kill some Harvesters?

The eastern edge of the base is lightly defended and should be where we aim our forces.

Unfortunately this pass through the hills is the only route, and the UCS have it locked down rather tightly.

Our attempt to send some of our comrades over the top fails miserably. We'll need a better strategy.

Shortly after midnight the UCS attempt a counter-attack. But with only one Jaguar the assault doesn't stand a chance. This all feels very World War 1.

Closer to daybreak, another UCS assault, this time with a bit more oomph. But with our mobile artillery now reloaded and in place the UCS can barely make their way down the hill before being obliterated.

At dawn our mobile artillery is finally able to punch a hole in the defenses. Now is the time to strike!

Everyone over the top! Our Siberia I units lead the way, making the UCS pay for neglecting to put shields on their Fortresses.

With the Fortresses disabled, we gain the upper hand.

The first Dynasty units have made their way down the hill, and they're still alive. Keep pressing the attack! I want this base razed to the ground.

The western half of the base now lies completely exposed. While I originally planned to take the open area to the east, we can't let this opportunity go to waste. Move against the power plants!

Goodbye UCS base. You were definitely one of the more challenging to assault.

While the army cleans up, a Gruz builds a forward resupply and reinforcing outpost.

The base is totally leveled and our Groznys have found a teleport pad off in the distance. The UCS base is no more.

Wait what's that sound? final promotion. I've done it. I've become the Shining Star of the Khan. This is a great day in Dynasty history!

But this is no time to stand around and be patriotic, we've got a space port to seize. And I've got some bad news, this thing is locked up even tighter than the UCS base.

Artillery, SDI lasers, and towers galore. Not to mention the giant chasm that denies us an entrance.

And the aerial defenses look to be quite stout with those Grizzlies inside the base. What are we to do?

First, let's at least get the army in range. We'll need to find ways across the chasms and fissures.

I foolishly order an attack on the Energy Transmitters. The UCS guards are able to knock me out of the sky before I can do much of anything.

We'll get across one chasm with a tunnel, and one chasm with a bridge.

Our second aerial assault looks to be going much better. I've ordered the Thors to stay just barely out of range of the UCS rockets rather than flying in right over them. Due to superior Dynasty engineering our rockets can reach them, while their rockets cannot.

We've cleared out most of the anti-air units. Now to eliminate the artillery.

The artillery is down. Time to make our move.

One more bridge and we'll be there. We just need to make sure no one kills the Gruz.

Fire everything you've got! Distract the UCS!

The distraction worked. The bridge is complete and now we can flood the UCS base.

There's no defenses in the rear of the base, and with the power down the UCS are helpless to stop us. We've won!

This is our last remaining Grizzly unit. I'm glad he made it this long, because we're gonna need him to start the launch sequence for the rocket while our army clears out the UCS defenses. I'm not risking one of those SDI lasers shooting our rocket out of the sky.

We'll need to hit all 4 switches underneath the space port.

Just walk around in a circle like this.

Defenses are down! Hit the last switch and let's go to the Moon!

We did it! We're going to the Moon! Time to end Project Sunlight and take the fight to the LC's home turf.

Unfortunately, our army will need to stay here to ensure our landing site is secure for our return. It'll be just me going.

Nothing will go wrong, right?

We lost a shitload of helicopters from my idiocy with the space port base.

Next Time...on the Final Update from The Moon Project

The General (and his escorts)...

...Versus Project Sunlight.

Who will be victorious?