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Part 114: Poland, Part 1

from the Journal of Selena Shattan, Chief of Security, Project ESCAPE

September 1st, 2150,

My name is Selena Shattan and I am one of the last women on Earth. Of course when I put it like that it sounds very dire, but the reality of it is that I volunteered to be here. I haven't even fought in The Evacuation War and during the UCS/ED invasion of Luna I was only support staff to one of our generals but now, here I am, on Gaia with a gun on my hip.

I should be on Catharsis right now, flying off to Mars. But a few days before we were scheduled to launch my cousin, Sombra, spoke with me. She informed me that, due to our excessive use of resources in the defense of Luna, Catharsis would not be large enough to house everyone like we anticipated. People were going to get left behind.

I was shocked. How could Sombra do this? She's defense minister of the whole Corporation! Goddess curse her! But as we spoke, she said there might be another way off for the people left behind, but they would need volunteers. It would not be an easy task. Abandoned here on Gaia, with only the slimmest hope of survival and no front-line units with us, we would need to get the project online and operational. Sombra admitted this wasn't the best plan, but it was the only chance to save those left behind. Sombra begged me to volunteer and help command the project defenses. I wouldn't be in overall command, a few other women had already stepped up and since they'd actually seen battle they'd be placed on the front lines, but we still needed someone with logistical and organizational experience. She insisted it had to be me, as she was the only one she could trust. She seemed almost...suspicious of the Council and getting them involved.

Probably because the Celestial Council wasn't even aware of this project and I can't imagine they'd take kindly to funding some sort of last ditch effort for those of us left behind. Plus, Sombra wasn't even certain it would actually work. She gave me some background, saying it was called Project ESCAPE and that Sister Kilija Verbic would be in overall command. After her disgrace in failing to defend Project SUNLIGHT she couldn't bear to take her spot on Catharsis and wanted a chance to prove herself. But she was no military woman, she needed someone with experience. Not that I had much, mind you, but I had worked in the support staff of the general who organized the defense of Luna. Unfortunately, she and most of her staff were killed during the UCS Invasion and any survivors died defending the last of Project SUNLIGHT during the ED commando landing a few days later. I survived only by a stroke of luck as I was at Lunar City 1 during the attack and it was deemed to risky to move any non-combat personnel in. They were on their feet, fighting for Luna while I sat on the sidelines and watched them die. Maybe my shame wasn't as great as Kilija's but it burned all the same.

I couldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth, but I agreed and was on one of the last shuttles between Luna and Gaia. So now I'm here. On Gaia, defending a project I know nothing about, and hoping that maybe Kilija and I can redeem ourselves.

from the Journal of Selena Shattan, Chief of Security, Project ESCAPE

October 6th, 2150,

The seismograph readings this morning could mean only one thing: the ED have used their nuclear arsenal to best our defenses in Southern Poland. With those defenses down it's only a matter of a few hours before their tanks can threaten the research base. Even worse, I fear they've killed all our field commanders. The nuclear blast has severed all communication links and I can't believe any of them survived. We have no one left on staff with any sort of combat experience.

I don't know what those horrible men of the Dynasty are up to, but if they capture the research base all is lost. Kilija says we're very close to finishing up the research, but any disturbance would be catastrophic and put the entire project in jeopardy. Given the deaths on the Czech front she has now named me Chief of Security for all of Project ESCAPE.

I'm finally going to see combat. Goddess protect me.

Briefing Video: video link

rest of the briefing posted:

I hope they don't discover our secret Research Base, otherwise we can forget all about our project and we will be destined to die here. We just lost an important area full of resources to the ED and I fear they have now found out we're up to something...

We must be prepared to fight, whether we want to or not. Your main task will be both to protect and complete our project. I sincerely hope it will be finished soon. I will summon you if we need help, until then stay on the mission base and get used to how things operate.

Lunar luck and health be with you, Sister!


So we're in command now and for the first time all trilogy the game defaults us to the weird-looking interface.

Ah that's better. As you can see our base is tiny and we have nothing but Lunars to protect it. Sombra wasn't kidding when she said they couldn't spare any front-line units. Lunars aren't even fit to be cannon fodder at this point. Let's see if we can build anything else...

Well shit. At least they give us the m2 of the Lunar, Moon and Meteor but this is terrible. The Dynasty are going to roll right over us.

Well...maybe not. We do have all our energy weapons available. But there isn't much time to act, we need to get to the front now!

Kilija was right, almost immediately after the breakthrough the ED discovered our Research Base. We must defend it!

If we fail this is going to be a really, really short campaign.

Oh great. We have to keep all three alive. This'll be fun...

The base is completely exposed, although at least the Research Centers are in the rear, surrounded by a fence.

We do control every crossing though. And since the ED units can't cross rivers like we can we need to destroy those bridges very quickly.

But it doesn't look like we'll have time to do that before this first attack. Also note that the Guardian tower is unpowered. Damn you patch 2.0 and your power range for LC buildings

That's a shitload of tanks. At least they're only Pamirs...

Not that it matters when they're sending this many. Consider the western bridge breached.

We have a power plant down, but it's too late. Tanks have already broken through our defenses to the north.

And the southern bridge didn't hold either. The ED are now going to town on our power. I've got a few units going in the Main Bases but I don't think it'll be enough. We'll have to arm the bases themselves.

The Main Base defenses are doing a little bit, but we're still hopelessly outnumbered. And if the Dynasty realize they can just slip around the back this mission is over.

Our power situation is looking very bad right now...


The Dynasty have destroyed the nearest Main Base but its destruction allows the rockets on the second base to engage the Pamirs. Main Bases are, thank the Goddess, running off the Solar Batteries and that other Power Plant I built up north right now, so we have a fighting chance.

Holy shit. We pulled it off. The ED attack has failed!


Well I really hope you're bringing more than just Lunars with you Kilija, those aren't gonna cut it.

None of the Research Centers can even be damaged now

Northern bridge is down.

Our Sisters are working on destroying the southern and western ones. Once they're done with there will only be two narrow passages into the base that we can fill with towers.

We finish blowing the bridges right as the first wave (of six) arrives.

Meh. A few Cossack copters isn't much. We can fend that off.

Lasers on the other hand...

The ED have forced us into a large firefight here in the small woods to the northwest of the base. With our forces shooting rockets and theirs hitting us with lasers I think they have the upper hand.

Damned dam! If only we could blow it up...

Things aren't going much better on the northern approach either.

Fortunately we were able to get some electro-cannons built in time which stopped the ED units cold.

With the first wave dealt with, we need to improve our defenses to at least slow down the attacks, if not stop them entirely. It's just like a tower defense game, except it's 2002 and I'm not playing it on an iPhone.

Wave two is about to get started and we've rebuilt slightly. I'm still worried though as the ED has us outnumbered and can bring way more firepower to bear. I wonder if we've got any research options...

Hell. Yes.

Research: Moon m3, Rocket Launcher 3, Electro-Cannon Upgrade

This time we're on the attack and manage to catch the ED with their pants down in this forest north of our blockade. It's a bit more fair this time but we're still taking lots of damage from the ED lasers.

A few brave Dynasty men try to sneak around and shoot at the Research Centers but our Defender stops them. Good work little one!

Wave 3 incoming and our defenses are actually looking stiff at this point.

Of course this attack is at dawn so the Dynasty are able to move with the fog which tanks our accuracy.

Know what's a good counter for inaccurate gunners? Sonic cannons. They don't give a shit where you are.

The last of the third wave is destroyed here.

Research: Rocket upgrades 1, 2 and 3

Wave 4. There's not much to do in between waves now so I'm sending a Detector around the map so I can see everything.

Hey look a bridge! I wonder if good things will happen if we destroy it?

Come on, please give us good things. Maybe a stop in attacks to the south?

Back at the base we've got our newer chassis and weapons researched so it's time to say goodbye to our Moon m2s. Of course we let the pilots get out before we crush the Moons down, we're not monsters.

By the way, in case you didn't know, the base electro-cannon won't disable units. Know how I figured that out? Zapping Pamirs with 10,000 volts and wondering why they were still running around shooting at me. You need the upgrade to get the disabling effect. I've been playing these games for years and I just discovered this.

Wave 5 is...getting serious, but even if they chip through our towers they're just getting disabled from our electro-cannons. I think we can safely call the situation stabilized.

Research: Sonic Cannon Upgrade, Meteor m3

rest of briefing posted:

Lunar luck and health!


Uh, Kilija you said there were going to be 6 waves. That's a very strange way to count to 6. Unless the first wave counts and they just don't tell you? I have no idea.

Well, even if Kilija can't count we made it Sisters! Now to regroup and reinforce back at HQ!

Fun little fact: the ED attacks continue forever. Pictured here is wave seven.

It was tough going at first but once we got those towers up and running and put on the upgrade electro-cannon the Dynasty didn't have a chance. How can you not bring shields to a fight with the Lunar Corporation?

Next time: we counter-attack and drive the ED out of Poland!